Thomas O'Brien for Target: Vintage Modern

When I first stepped into the Thomas O'Brien aisle at my local Target store, I heard the angels sing. With heavenly lights cascading from above (aka flourescence), I was guided to touch and feel everything I could from the Vintage Modern line. Groping the lamps, frames, and pillows, I had to purchase some for my very own. With so much chocolate and robin's egg blue, how could I ever turn away? Of course, one shopping trip leads to another, so I've frequented the Vintage Modern aisle many times over the past few months. But, nothing quite made my new year happy until this past weekend, when the floodgates of the heavens were opened. Vintage Modern was 75%! If you haven't heard about this sale, consider yourself lucky that I just told you because it's not one to miss. After reading this, please report to your nearest Target for the ultimate retail fix. For some reason, the line isn't on sale on their website, so an in-store appearance on your part is mandatory. I've attached a few "finds" from the sale, ones that I acquired with great gushing and celebratory phone calls to friends from the actual aisle. Yeah, I know, geek. The pearly gates are only opened until 9:30 p.m. in most locations, so you'd better run quick! (top photo: Vintage Modern faux white leather matte frame, selected fabrics as "photos" from the Laurie Smith collection at Hancock Fabrics. Frame on sale for $6.)