coffee + cre8tive [apr 22 06]

The May Domino has arrived, but not at my door. I just spotted it on the Domino website while browsing the Daily Dot. I'm super excited, though I do wonder what happened to my subscription copy this month... Maybe those darn postal workers are gathered around my issue in the back room at the local post office, flipping through every lush page of my Domino issue, marking all of their fresh finds with those tabs. Grrrrr.

You know what I find funny about myself (feel free to add to this har har), and maybe you feel the same way, but I actually get excited about Domino magazine and anticipate every single issue. The only other magazine that I was nuts over until Domino came along was Home Companion magazine because, although it caters more to cottage crowd, the designers that they feature and the beautiful pages are swoonworthy, indeed. You'll want to clip every page and add it to your inspiration board. I'm actually having lunch with the Publisher in July on my way down to NYC, something I'm looking forward to. Have you ever checked out Home Companion? It will spark your creativity, for sure!

Domino is by far one of my favorite magazines, most of all because I love the covers (real people vs. celebs) and that I can actually afford most of what I see in it. They also do an amazing job spotting trends and cataloging all the items featured in each issue. Although I love the eye candy of Elle Decor and go totally nuts over Living Etc. (UK) and Ideal Home (UK), most of the items in those magazines are wayyy out of my reach. Domino also offers a lot of great advice (love the Renovator's Notebook) and tends to lean towards offering design for all budgets, focusing mostly on the modest ones. From scouting to nesting, Domino is the perfect read!

(images from domino and home companion)