Rinne Allen - Photographer

Rinne Allen is an amazing photographer that I recently discovered after Lucy at Hable Construction told me about her - Rinne snaps a lot of the photos for them. I really love her photography and wanted to share her work with decor8 readers. Rinne doesn't live in the big city though, she's actually tucked away in lovely Athens, Georgia where she spends time cultivating her flower garden, working on DIY projects, and of course, snapping many a lovely photo. As a graphic designer, creative consultant, and photographer, Rinne has a trained eye for spotting things that will convey emotion - promising to leave an impression on the viewer. This is what makes her such a sought-after artist, her images allow you to see something in different way, to appreciate what some may view as the mundane things. When she shoots for Hable, you can really picture yourself wearing the bag or using the pillow in your home, her photos make you desire what you see. Rinne also creates handbags using vintage florals and soon to unfold a collection of pillows and pins.

Thank you Rinne for your permission to display some of your photos here on decor8, we love seeing them!

(images copyright rinne allen 2006.)