coffee + cre8tive {june 15 '06}

Do you surf flickr photo pools for inspirational images? I'm a huge fan of flickr; I have built quite a collection of interesting groups that I flip through each week. Most of these people aren't bloggers, they simply love to snap photos and use flickr as a tool to reach out to one another.

Did you know that even Domino magazine has a flickr pool? It's not very active, but you can easily join and post, so please do. So far there is only 9 of us, but I'd like to see the group grow, so if you'd like to join... About the Domino group: "We invite domino magazine readers to share photos of their homes. Get decorating advice. Show before and after photos of your reno project and more!"

I found these images of vintage button packages (so pretty!) in the seaside rose garden flickr pool. Lovely! I'm especially fond of the package shown above in peacock blue with the lady twirling her parasol. Don't you wish such care went into designing button packages today? Last time I checked, they were just plain white paper...

(images from seaside rose garden)