Furniture Galleries at Domino

Have you visited the Domino galleries lately? Be sure to catch their latest guide to chests of drawers. I just love the image below, seeing a dresser in an entryway, decked out in a pretty color (like teal), adorned with beautiful things... Well it sort of makes me weak. Having all of those deep drawers is also very handy for storage. You can neatly tuck away slippers, mittens, and outdoor gear, to office supplies, tools, wrapping paper, and sheets of tissue paper.

You see, I've always wanted to have an entryway since becoming a bonafide adult, an entry like the ones in my family home as a child. Ever since abandoning the nest at 19, I've had either long narrow hallways to welcome me, or doors that opened directly into the living space. Never a halfway point between the outside world and the living space - never a neat little entryway to call my own. That welcoming space (only complete with fresh cut flowers, a little chair, and a dresser) is where greetings are exchanged and kisses on the cheeks are given to welcome or bid adieu. It's the one space that I miss, and desire, the most.

After examining their chest of drawers gallery (and feeling the pang of nostalgia), I hopped on on over to the Dining Tables and Chairs gallery, another worthy feature to visit. I'm so pleased to see the mix up in chairs and tables becoming more mainstream, no longer do we need conform to 'matchy matchy' sets that are too imposing for a modern, relaxed lifestyle. We can mix wood tables with acrylic chairs, not because we cannot afford a matching set, but because we prefer the casual look. Isn't it exciting to see decor taking a turn from the overly done to a bit haphazard?

(images from domino)