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Go indie! Do you remember the etsy slideshow I pulled together for the online galleries over at Domino magazine? It was there that I featured some of my favorite etsy artists and apparently they received positive feedback so I was assigned additional slideshows. This time, each will be organized by category, featuring some of my favorite prints just like before.

Here are the categories I'm working on (below), 15 artists per category.
1) Animals
2) Nature
3) Girls
4) Gifts

If you have any favorites to share, please comment with their links below. You may know someone really special on etsy that hasn't had a lot of blog coverage yet and I want to make sure that I've considered as many as possible before making my final selection.

Animals and Nature should go live in September/October and Girls and Gifts should show up closer to November. I'll post links here when they're finished so you can check them out, so stay tuned!

(image: screen shot from Domino website)