Currently Adoring...

We all go through phases. One minute we can't stop obsessing over a gray sofa, the next we're hot on some slinky black cocktail dress. I've accepted that it's perfectly normal and not at all strange to so passionately like pink one day and green the next. Before authoring this blog, I thought I was nuts for having so much on my radar. Then I met all of you and realized that Design ADD is more common than I'd realized. We're all creatures fascinated with interiors and fashion and that's completely fine. I think we all belong in Paris personally. I should try to find a nice big house there and we can all move in and just roam the streets taking it in. Ah the thought. Paris is one big design blog anyway. Would you like to see what was on my mind when I woke up this morning? Other than packing luggage and completing pre-flight errands in time, of course!

First, Tim Walker and his new book. This is definitely going on my coffee table. There's an 09 calendar too. I wrote a little about him over at Real Simple today. This man walks on water. Wouldn't you love to be photographed by him?

And I'll admit Kate Spade's Behind the Curtain still keeps me mildly entertained each month. This month they have their director of visual display in the spotlight, her name is Ruth Parsons. I like the free desktop wallpapers available for download this month. Seeing the arrangement of interesting objects thrills me.

And Paul Costello. Goodness. Here's another supercalifragilisticexpialidocious photographer. In addition to his work, his website is beyond fabulous. Another man we'd all love to be photographed by.

Finally... Design dorks unite! Unrelated to interiors but all about design, did you know that you can custom design your own pair of keds? I think every artist should try it and wear your shoes proudly! Even non-artists, if you are creative give it a whirl. Too fun.

And because this isn't the Holly Show... What are you feeling lately? Any inspirations out there that you'd like to share?

(images linked to sources above)