Jacqueline Veissid Photography

Los Angeles photographer Jacqueline Veissid wrote to me some time ago and I’ve been meaning to show her work here because it’s wayyyy to nice to keep all to myself. With each photo I imagine days spent enjoying the warmth of Spring whether it includes roller skating, hanging out with friends, or wishing my butt looked this good in jeans (high waisted ones to boot!), her photos are full of life, emotion and charm. I especially like the lens flare in this field of flowers shot. I dream to have just one photo of myself like this someday, the same pose, similar dress…

Maybe Jacqueline is the girl for me, or I can go with Boho Girl because her style is dreamy and lovely. We’ll see when and if I’m able to get out to L.A. to schedule something. I’ve always wanted nice photos of myself, you know the kind that are semi-professional but not cheesy because I’m not into big hair and heavy makeup via Glamour Shots and given that I’ve suffered each year in the hands of the Sears portrait studio as a child I think it’s time to set aside time and money to have a proper photo taken. In fact, I declare all girls have this done at least once, preferably every ten years but given that I’m in my thirties, I missed doing this in my twenties so I need to catch up. Would it not be empowering to do this when we turn 30, 40, 50 and so on to celebrate the beauty and life we’re experiencing as we mature and evolve?

Looking for more eye candy? Jacqueline maintains an inspiring blog, too.

(images: Jacqueline Veissid)