William Brinson Photography

It’s nearly lunch time so I’m certain you’ll enjoy getting lost in the delicious world of William Brinson — what a talented photographer! I first heard about Brinson only a few days ago on Friday and the moment I clicked over to his website I knew I’d feature him here. Brinson is a SCAD grad (not surprising given his ability) and he lives and works in New York City (Chelsea) with his wife. From food to still life and travel, his photos have a way of transporting you making even the smallest, often overlooked pleasure in life feel so grand and worthy of a notice — or in his case, a fully styled photograph! Lunch out with friends, a feather, a glass cloche over a few crackers… when a photographer has the ability to give me a new perspective I call that mission accomplished! I don’t know about you, but since I started to really take notice of food photography I see meal time in a new, more exciting, light. I paid less attention to the curve of a fork or the seeds in fruit before and so photographers like Brinson have greatly inspired the meals that I prepare and even those I enjoy at some of my favorite restaurants.

I enjoy Brinson’s perspective, use of color and pattern, and particularly how he plays with light giving his photographs a genuine mood — you almost feel like you’re there. I think it’s harder and takes a considerable amout of skill to shoot objects and give them life, don’t you?

To see more, you’ll need to visit his complete portfolio online right here.

(images: William Brinson Photography)