Interview With Deborah Needleman

I just read such a lovely interview with former Domino magazine Editor-in-Chief Deborah Needleman over on Natalie Walton's blog Daily Imprint.

interview with deborah needleman

If you didn't catch that, you must check it out. I have to quote Deborah for just a moment because I love how she defines what she thinks makes a truly stylish person. I think it shakes up the typical impression one has when they think of successful New York stylist, writer, designer... I once only imagined ruthless and pretentious types (ha ha Hollywood films and television series didn't help!) but Domino did a great job of bringing in those who possessed genuine passion for the magazine and decorating vs. those who simply had talent for design and a massive attitude problem. Domino had heart and soul.

Natalie asked Deborah who inspires her and she replied so perfectly, "People with great style who live easily and happily with it. Many seemingly stylish people are pretty awful — fussy and uptight. But I am interested in style that is expansive, that makes lives more beautiful and the people in your life happier. This goes back I guess to the team we put together at domino: I am really inspired by many of the people there like Rita Konig, Dara Caponigro, Sara Costello, Stella Bugbee. I am also really inspired by women who are focused, smart and accomplish a lot while never becoming one of those scary businesswomen, if that makes any sense."

I also love her thoughts on how she created a strong team and how she views that as her proudest career achievement. "It was a collection of the most talented, wonderful, kind and hilarious people ever. We never made a space for someone who might have been gifted but was difficult or tricky." Truly great words!

The above photo was shown first in the NYTimes in 2007, you simply must view her home tour there if you didn't see that already.

(images: deborah needleman, her home in NYC)