Photographer Morten Holtum

I'm so impressed by the number of talented interiors photographers out there -- and so glad that we have them, especially when I look at vintage issues of American magazines from the mid century -- yikes! The style was so completely different back then, and photography seemed a lot more technical than creative and these days it's the combination of both that make a photographer stand out. I noticed recently that Danielle at the Style Files showed the work of pro photographer Morten Holtum in Denmark and I got lost in his online portfolio -- what a master he is!

Photographer Morten Holtum

I love the use of a neutral palette, and yes I know -- I love white... but these spaces all feel very cozy and certainly not at as clinical as white can sometimes come across. I think the secret to using a lot of white in the home is to combine lots of old and new materials and lots of texture -- suede, leather, embossed materials, canvas, cotton, velvet for a relaxed vibe but also to use different tons of white - mixing in some cream along with natural wood is how white can make a space feel inviting and cozy.

Photgrapher Morten Holtum

Gorgeous! These photos make me want to redecorate -- must be spring fever because all I can think about lately is decorating, organizing and thorough cleaning. Wait, that's what I think about all of the time, right! :) But even more so in March and April each year... what about you?

(images: morten holtum)