Great Pose Ideas For Portrait Photography


If you want to take better photos of yourself or of others, then you need to know your camera but also your poses and angles. Every great photographer has signature poses that they use again and again that work beautifully for their clients. They often create a certain signature to their look this way. Interior photographers also have similar angles and ways they work with objects as they shoot to give their work a certain mood and when not with a stylist, many photographers style their own interiors "posing" objects in ways that look the best through their lens. poses1

With a small son, I'm always taking photos of him but recently noticed that I've been taking less and less and I wondered why... Then it dawned on me that I'm bored with my angles and poses - and also that he simply cannot be posed at his age so I have to rely more on creativity and on trying new things. If you have children or even shoot for your job, photograph products for your online shop, or are looking for new approaches for your Instagram feed it's a great idea tostart a Pinterest board where you pin poses that you like (if you are interested in taking better photos of others or yourself). For objects, products, etc. you can start a board that is only for pinning rooms and things. Look for photos that have a certain mood that you're going for, were shot at angles you like, or pictures that have something else special about them that you'd like to experiment with for your own work. Perhaps it's the focal length or lighting. As you pin, certain patterns will emerge that you'll pick up on after about 15-20 pins.

I started looking at my "poses" pin board earlier today and instantly thought of new ideas for photographing my son and also for some scenes I'll be shooting for my 4th book which is underway.









It's a good idea to use Pinterest to make you a more creative person instead of just aimlessly pinning and dreaming about the perfect life that often Pinterest seems to give the impression of -- that everyone is skinny, lives in a gorgeous home and eats beautiful food. Use Pinterest for something positive - to jump start your creativity, to improve a skill, to inspire you to do something for yourself that makes you happy, and further develop your photography skills, don't you agree?

Photography: Design Love Fest, Golden Swank, Jeanie Micheel, Kinfolk, Jody McKitrick, Handmade Charlotte, Alexandra Grablewski, Kirsten Rickert, Niki Gutierrez, Vogue.