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Studio of Swedish Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad

Swedish style is known not only for its clean lines but also for its bold fabric designs, both working so well in highlighting the other. Hi guys, this is Mel, and I'm back this month reporting live from Stockholm to introduce you to Ulrika Gyllstad, a textile designer here whose graphic patterns are created with nature and architecture as its muse and with a strong environmental conscience. 

Tour The Studio of Swedish Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad

Recently I paid Ulrika a visit to her studio and was greeted with a warm smile followed by a chat, the good Swedish way –  over fika (a typical Swedish coffee break). Here she told me about the early days of her career, working as a pattern designer for H&M and GANT after graduating from Beckmans College of Design. “I really enjoyed working and learning much from these fashion companies, but I always felt the pull towards my love of interior textiles.” She moved in that direction in 2006 before founding her own company, Gyllstad in 2014. 

Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad

Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad

Ulrika not only created a brand with her own designs but being fully aware of the undesirable footprint many traditional textile companies have left thus far, she began to explore ways in which she could create not only a beautiful product but something that is as environmentally friendly as possible. This has become somewhat a passion of hers and she has gone on to ensure that her fabrics are certified organic and that the designs are pressed with traditional screen technology using certified pigments. “This helps me sleep at night,” she says. I told her that from a consumer point of view, I have to say that this kind of a commitment from a maker or company is a huge plus for me. 

Nature and architecture are Ulrika’s biggest inspirations and whether it’s the lines and form of a leaf, the perfection of a cut kiwi, or the twirl of a spiral staircase, she always has a collection of photo books on these subjects on hand to find her next motif. She then gets sketching, and I was surprised to learn that all of her designs are done in freehand.  

Tour The Studio of Swedish Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad

All of the fabrics are weaved here in Sweden, another feat in the environmental commitment by keeping things as local as possible. The other advantage of having this done in locally is that Ulrika has been able to work closely with Swedish artisans to experiment with new weave structures for some of her cushion covers in solid colors that will sit beside and compliment her striking bold designs.

Tour The Studio of Swedish Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad
Tour The Studio of Swedish Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad
Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad

Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad

Tour The Studio of Swedish Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad
Swedish Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad
Tour The Studio of Swedish Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad
Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad

Textile Designer Ulrika Gyllstad

Looking through her collection, it’s hard for me to find something that I wouldn’t love in my home. Her fabrics are designed to mix and match and her cushions are an easy way to inject some new life into a room and her fabric, sold by the meter, can be made into a tablecloth. Patterned tablecloths are very popular here in Sweden and something that I had never considered until living here. It brings so much warmth and cheer to a table don’t you think? - Mel x

 (Text/Photography: Mel Chesneau)

8 Favorite Interior & Lifestyle Finds For July

Happy July, everyone! This is Allan Torp and it sure is glad to be back with more great finds for you. I have decided to change my 10 faves just a little bit focusing on 8, making it more an interior must-see list with a few great lifestyle tips as well. I hope you like my changes. On another note, how are you liking the summer weather? I am, as you know, spending mine in LA, with very warm days this past weekend. Luckily, I have two new cool projects to keep my mind off of the heart - I am re-doing my office and our guesthouse so we can start having friends over from Europe anytime. Can’t wait to share both projects with you guys, one will be a homage to Danish design.


Is the sheepskin, teddy look taking over the velour trend? A handful of Scandinavian brands, such as andtradition, bylassen, and Finn Juhl have recently launched chairs upholstered in sheepskin, which makes me wonder if this will be a farewell to velour?

What do you think?

Pictured below is andtradtion’s new Little Petra, designed by Viggo Boesen in 1938, where it won numerous design awards. By the way, Viggo named the chair after his mother-in-law.


2 // ART:

You know me, always on the hunt for great art. I am not a snob, and I just as much love to find inexpensive prints, as I do like to save up to a more expensive original. In between are the lithographic, which I think is a good way to start decorating your home with some original artwork. One of my new favorite places to shout for those is at Edition Copenhagen, who have been around for decades, but who now ships worldwide. Search among their 50+ associated artists and find your new piece for your walls.


I like a good wallpaper, I do think, if you do wallpaper, you need to go all in on a bolder print. I really like the botanical collection by Sandberg Wallpaper, and with a wallpaper like this, you’ll have the best of luck every day. If you think the green is too bold, it actually also comes in a more subtle grey version and a more dramatic blue version.


4 // SLEEP:

Its almost an idyllic village feeling to the Casa Cook hotel on the Greek island of Kos. The hotel is build up with small cubistic one-plan flat roof houses in a scenery of gardens and patios – and with its location in the middle of the wild and brute nature it really is the place to be this summer (or next year, maybe). Did I forget to tell you it is basically on one of the islands best sand beaches, so feel free to dive into the turquoise Aegean Sea.

Casa Cook
Casa Cook


My first new category is this one – product spotlight. Basically, I am just going to focus on one new product that caught my eye in my mailbox. Often these will be not released for a few months, but then you’ll have something to look forward to and start saving up for.

One of Danish Børge Mogensen’s most iconic chairs is celebrating its 60th anniversary, so of course, a limited special edition has been created for the occasion – a solid oak combined with olive green saddle leather version. I wouldn’t say no if I got one. The Spanish Chair 60 years special edition is available from 19 September.

Borge Mogensen

 6 // GROOM:

Throughout these hot summer months, you should never leave the house without your favorite scent by your side. You never want to be a smelly, Sweaty Betty at the end of the day. Pack your scent with you before you leave the house in the morning – or get two, one for home and one for the office. Here are my favorite two for this season that I'm using:

It is no secret I am a big fan of Le Labo’s scents and their Another13 is my ultimate favorite, every time I wear it I get compliments, even from strangers passing by on the street - I am not kidding. The scent, created by Another Magazine, was originally exclusively sold in Colette, Paris, but as they closed last year, Le Labo decided to keep selling it in their own stores worldwide – and lucky for us. As Le Labo writes, it’s composed of ambroxan, a synthetic animal musk, making Another 13 an addictive potion blended with twelve other ingredients such as jasmine, moss and ambrette seeds absolute - which gives it spike and shine.

My other favorite is a new one I discovered via Instagram. And ironically enough, it’s by A. N. OTHER. What I love about them, is the fact that they take creative freedom to the extreme and redefine how fragrance is born & sold. They invest without limits in sustainable ingredients that go into the bottle and onto the skin and strip away everything else. In this case, less is more. From packaging through to delivery; everything is stripped back to the bare essentials. No smoke. No mirrors. No name, mood, gender, designer labels, models, celebrity endorsements, and vanity. This makes it an extremely affordable, high-quality perfume. As of now, there are 4 different ones to choose from and I went with the WD/18 which is both woody and fresh at the same time.



Every month new homes emerge on blogs worldwide, we basically all go mad over specific homes that we just cannot help but share. So, I thought, why not share a few favorite pictures of my favorite home – and if you want to see more, you just visit the blog where I found it. This way, the blogger is also getting some attention and love, so we're creating a nice circle of sharing. How does that sound?

First up is a new project in Vienna by Berlin-based interior designer and stylist Annabell Kutucu, which features custom-made interiors, wooden furniture, rough linen, and carpets, selected mid-century vintage finds and unique objects. This people, is how I want to live one day. If you want to see more, go check out rest of the photos on the Design Chaser.

Annabell Kutucu
Annabell Kutucu
Annabell Kutucu


My last new category, I swear, but I want to spread the love, so this category is a shout-out to a cool blog or Instagrammer in the design or lifestyle segment. I will only share a bio or a section of the blog or feed. If you like, go hit follow. This month, it's @strbntst: Tijl — Enjoying the little things in life. ⠀⠀


I hope that you've enjoyed my newly edited list and also my finds for July. See you back here in August - Allan.

⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

[Editor's Note: All grooming products are gifted as part of reviewing for this column in partnership between Allan Torp and the brands. This review is provided by Allan Torp for decor8, any collaborations are his own. All words and opinions are his own.]

Nordic Knots: Scandinavian Design Rugs You'll Love

My friends in the states are always eager to find more Scandinavian products and companies who ship to America. Seems Scandi design has won the hearts of my fellow American friends quite a lot over the years. The clean lines, the simplicity, the quality, it's quite alluring and I must admit to being a sucker of Scandi design myself. That's why I wanted to talk briefly today about this great company I found who makes gorgeous rugs that won't break the bank, and they're called Nordic Knots (they even ship to the USA for FREE!).

Founded by Liza Laserow, Fabian Berglund and Felix Berglund in 2016, Nordic Knots created a family business with a goal to make beautiful rugs with the design inspired by classic Scandinavian patterns while also being affordable. They have a flat weave collection which are skillfully hand woven in 100% high-quality New Zealand wool. They also have a cut-pile selection also made using 100% New Zealand wool.

My favorites from their collection include the flat weave show below left, called Mosaik Gray (I love geometric prints) and the TIGER rug, shown right, in black and cream.

Nordic Knots
We wanted to bring something from our home to every home and we realized that at the center for every beautiful Swedish home is a good rug.
— Nordic Knots
Nordic Knots
 Processed with VSCO with av4 preset Processed with VSCO with av4 preset
Nordic Knots on decor8
Nordic Knots on decor8

Spot any rugs that you can imagine in your home?

By the way, I hope you are all doing great. We're taking our new car up to Denmark this weekend to break it in for its first official road trip! Weeeee! We are packing tonight and tomorrow and will be staying at the gorgeous home of a good friend of mine to babysit her dog for 8 days. I seriously CANNOT WAIT. The house has a swimming pool AND a golden retriever, so it's a full-service dream house for all three of us - and this weekend is our anniversary too, so it's a great time to get away. My little boy won't stop talking about having a dog and a pool - he has been mentioning it each day since we told him a few weeks ago... So cute.

Do you have any summer vacation plans set up? Where will you go?





Etsy Home + Wellness: Collection 01

Hello everyone! My husband told me that he missed my Etsy Take Five Tuesday column. WHAT? I thought. Okayyyy. I didn’t expect that, but I had authored that column weekly for years and years and YEARS and he, and thousands of others, really depended on it regularly. Maybe you remember it too? Maybe I had featured your business once?

Truth is, I discontinued it because I wrote four books and traveled the world and had a baby (I know, I'm such an underachiever LOL). And yeah, I’m still busy as hell like everyone else, yet I truly really miss being more present on decor8, and I miss some of the columns I once authored here like the Etsy column and the posts where I wrote from my heart on topics that I felt were important to address, and I miss when I showed you my home and talked about how I decorated a room or decided to move (again).

Anyway, I’m happy to say that I'm bringing Etsy Take Five Tuesdays back only under a new name: Etsy Home + Wellness CollectionHome is obvious - anything for the home that falls on my radar, something I'd own and that I think you'd love too. Wellness can be anything from yoga mats to great, all natural skincare and scented candles.

My goal is to bring to light the wonderful SMALL business owners out there once again, who don't get a lot of time on blogs anymore. Have you noticed? It's rare to see small sellers and companies blogged about or featured on Instagram, simply because monetization has caused a lot of the large blogs to change their content. Many pro blogs are working mostly with sponsored content, ad companies, agencies, and affiliate links, so it is highly unlikely that most of the little guys selling online out there stand a chance at being blogged about these days. It's not 2006 anymore.

But can we bring back some of the old school in blogging? Please?

A small business with low or NO budget cannot pay to be on a blog and so most are pushed aside and told, "later, babes", or worse, pushed out completely without even a return email. I guess this completely unsponsored Etsy column is my attempt to show good old school retro circa 2006-2010 blog support for small business - no strings attached. 

With no further ado, I present my picks for the first run of this new (but formerly known as Etsy Take Five Tuesday) column:


ABOVE: Boobs poster by calivirek, Mobile brass dots by Lappalainen, white ceramic bowl by NOTON Keramik, Koolt Dining Table by Aggregat

Mighty Vintage

ABOVE: Wood planter by Minumum Design, Wall mounted black paper roller by George & Willy, 2V Geometric Hanging Planter from Convivial Production, Copper table mirror by Calvill, Botanical Print Vintage poster from Mighty Vintage, Ceramic Chubby Cat Planter by Barruntando, Mini cotton bouquet by Alice Blue Florist

ABOVE: Ceramic serving bowl from Free Folding, Ceramic espresso cups set by 1220 Ceramics Studio, French navy ticking linen bedding from House of Baltic Linen, Pampus grass Bouquet from Art Finds Boutique,

Foxes from Floral Apartments
Seven Seas Home

ABOVE: Bonita bean bag chair from Seven Seas Home, Swallow landscape removable wallpaper mural from Floral Apartments, African mud cloth pillow from Sew + Cloth

ABOVE: Foxes removable wallpaper from Floral Apartments, Vasculum botanical box by Arminho

I hope you've enjoyed my finds for the first home and wellness ETSY collections column on decor8.

Have a lovely day!