Create Content That Gets Clicked

Create Content That Gets Clicked


Are you ready to take your blog and social media channels to the next level? Learn how to create engaging content that has viral potential in this fun and educational PDF that will definitely up your game online!

No one wants to spend time producing an Instagram post, blog post, Insta story or something else via their social channels, only to see a few likes as a result. In this 46-page downloadable, full-color PDF, you can learn from Holly Becker of decor8 and Blogging Your Way, about how to create content that gets clicked, shared, and seen!

In Create Content That Gets Clicked, which is based our online class under the same name (but updated, naturally), you will have access to 16 lessons that come in several formats: written, podcasts and screencasts/videos. Plus, you’ll get a special link to become a free member of our online community of students so you can network with them in a closed Facebook group.

Lessons include:

Lesson 1: Content Strategy + Goals

Lesson 2: Using Milanote To Plan Your Blog Content

Lesson 3: How to Create Quality Content

Lesson 4: Outlining Your Posts and Word Count

Lesson 5: Posting Frequency

Lesson 6: How to Create Post Titles That Get Clicked, Read + Shared

Lesson 7: Photography Musts

Lesson 8: Increasing Engagement

Lesson 9: How to Do Research for Posts

Lesson 10: Guest Posts: How It Works

Lesson 11: Sponsored Posts + Working with Brands

Lesson 12: How to Plan + Deliver Stellar Interviews

Lesson 13: How to Plan Blog Posts

Lesson 14: Hiring Writers & Growth

Lesson 15: Ways to Be Successful with Blogging + Social Media

Lesson 16: Sharing Content: Channels to Use + How

Can you believe it? You’ll learn ALL OF THAT for only $49 PLUS lifetime access to our private students-only Facebook group so you can pop in and ask questions and receive support anytime 24/7.

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