WOWBOW London + more!

Okay, everybody sing along with me. "Atomic Dogggggg...Why must I feel like that, why must I chase the cat, nothin' but the dawg in meeee."

WOWBOW London is Oh. My. God. Amazing. Check out these uber chic finds. If you're interested in purchasing, please email WOWBOW directly.

Even I'd eat off of these. miji dog dining tables
naptime + mealtime - always in style with the mija dog line.
posh scratching post, skritch cats.
ador-a-bed. loulie cat tower.

Okay, now back to reality. Here are some more petsites that are sure to make you purr.

Artful Pups -All things cute for man's best friend.
Lulu + Luigi - Adorable things for puppy + kitty! Airline approved carriers, too!
Muttropolis - Haute dogs and cool cats.
Dog Bed Works - Dog beds + more! (kitty stuff, too!)
Pink Polka Dogs - Handmade doggie couture that'll have your pup begging for more!
...and my favorite, Post Modern Pets - For hip pets only.


(All photos from WOWBOW London.)