See One Of The Best Interiors Shops In Stockholm

Hello decor8 readers, this is Mel and I’m back today with more goodness for you from Sweden. Are you like me and love window-shopping? This, I confess would have to be one of my favorite past times. When I arrive in a new city, finding a beautiful interior store is one of the first things that I need to do - even before the other attractions! To me, this, along with sitting in cafes and people watching, is where I get a real feel for a place.

Tambur Store Stockholm_ mel chesneau for decor8-3.jpg

Now I don’t mean just any shop full of lovely things, I’m looking for a place where I can feel inspired; somewhere that truly showcases their edit, along with reflecting the style and feel of the city that it’s in. Thankfully one of my friends here introduced me to Tambur, which does just that. It has since been my go-to-store for all things interiors. I’m sure you’ll love it. Shall I take you on a little virtual tour with me?

Tambur is situated in Södermalm, an area in Stockholm, that was crowned the third coolest neighborhood in the world a couple of years ago by Vogue magazine. Cafes line the streets with a mix of hipsters, young families and professionals taking time out to fika. There’s no pretentiousness here though, the locals take the title in their stride and are super friendly with their quiet Scandinavian confidence. 

Tambur Store Stockholm

Tambur means “entry hall” in Swedish. It’s the place to enter the home, hang your coat, leave your shoes, bag and relax.  Designer, Anders Widegren, founded the store two years ago with the idea to create a space that embodies a Nordic style, with a lot of clean lines, functional design and where less is more. A year later, Sebastian Bergström, came on board as a co-owner and stylist. 

Tambur Store Stockholm
Tambur Store Stockholm

The store is set up to reflect different rooms within the home and offers some great decorating inspiration. Both Anders and Sebastian aim to choose products that are made with care, and by natural materials. You can see this with the beautiful display of cutting boards, utensils, ceramics and accessories on show. This is very much the philosophy of Scandinavians. Choose well and you will have it for life. 

Tambur Store Stockholm
Tambur Store Stockholm
Tambur Store Stockholm
Tambur Store Stockholm


Since opening, Anders and Sebastian have given the boutique numerous makeovers to showcase how the products can work within different environments and color palettes. This makes it even more interesting (and dangerous) for regulars as we rediscover our favorite things styled in a fresh, new way. 

If you find yourself in Stockholm’s Södermalm, a visit to Tambur is a must. A little warning though, temptations run high here and you will be hard pressed to leave without getting a little something for yourself. 

- Mel xx

(Photography + Text: Mel Chesneau for decor8)

Follow #BlogTeamDDW at Dutch Design Week!

Hey lovely friends and decor8 readers! I'm happy to be here today to say hi because I've been a bit absent due to getting a cold and from managing my family life and travel, etc. Right now, I have an intense travel period so I spend as much time as I can when I'm home to be with my little boy. When you are away 4-5 days at a time, you have to create balance by being very present when you are home and for me, this means blogging less and playing with him more. BUT the good news is, that I have a great schedule for daily blog posts from now until the end of the year - you will either be hearing from me or someone from the awesome decor8 team that I've newly formed... So you won't have to miss anything inspiring at all.

Design Academy Eindhoven

Design Academy Eindhoven

This weekend, from October 20-23, I will lead a group of 15 bloggers/influencers/vbloggers from all over Europe to Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week and we'll be using our hashtag #BlogTeamDDW. If you want to follow us, just search for that hashtag online or on Instagram and you'll see what we are doing and seeing as we go. I'm sure you will find our photos and insta stories inspiring, especially if you love art, design, conceptual design work, pretty cafes and shops... Oh wait a minute, OF COURSE YOU LOVE THOSE THINGS. Duh! So follow us!

I CANNOT WAIT to see the student work at the Design Academy Eindhoven and to visit Piet Hein Eek and see his new work for IKEA and NLXL and also to finally meet Paola Navone after so many years of following her work. It's going to be quite spectacular to dine with people who have inspired us all for so many years - older, wiser and certainly more experienced!

I formed this blogger group on a whim, I wanted to return to Dutch Design Week after 11 years of not going - it was the fair that started my career as a journalist since it was the first thing I ever wrote about for Domino magazine back when I lived in the United States! I don't see or hear as much about DDW as I'd like to from my fellow American bloggers and journalists, so I thought since I'm American and live over here AND live only 3 hours away from Eindhoven, why not take the lead and form a group and together, hit the fair and unearth gems to share with my followers and for all of the bloggers with me to do the same. Why not cover a fair that could be really inspiring to all of you, that isn't necessarily the typical type of fair showing products already in production? I love conceptual design and though so much of it never sees the light of day in the way it was originally intended, a lot of the ideas around the design can and do end up becoming actual things we use someday. I was told recently that what you see at Dutch Design Week as a concept this year, is what you just may see at a trend fair as a product in 5 years, which is why it's so important to go to these types of student fairs.

Fransje Gimbrere

Here is the stellar group below that I've chosen so click on them all to follow them too -  we have a very lovely weekend ahead so again, do follow us from October 20-23 and like our photos and feel free to share as you go. If you want to be a part of future blogger groups that I organize to attend fairs or events, please reach out to me via my assistant, Jessy, who will let me know of your interest (

Here is our #BlogTeamDDW (in no particular order):

Desiree/Vosgesparis (NL)

Anastasia/Stilzet (Germany)

Stefan/Trendstefan (Sweden)

Wendy/BeeldSteil (NL)

Danielle/The Style Files (NL)

Agata Dimmich/Passion Shake (Italy)

Sandra Kaplanovic (Interior Design Student from Montenegro)

Mette/Monsters Circus (Denmark)

Mel/Styled Canvas (Sweden)

Marta/Everyday Marta (Belgium)

Yvonne/Yvestown (Belguim)

Judith/Joelix/Urban Jungle Bloggers (France)

Igor/Happy Interior Blog/Urban Jungle Bloggers (Germany)

Jantine/April and May (NL)

and of course, me.

To say I am happy THAT these bloggers and influencers accepted my invitation to join me in Eindhoven doesn't even capture the gratitude I feel (thank you guys so much!). I am deeply honored and can't wait!

And I owe Desiree so much for joining in my effort to help me organize everything because without her, it would have been a struggle with pinpointing exactly where to go as DDW is huge.

My only hope is that they all love it and we end up having a weekend to remember that gives us all lots of happy feels!

We have so many special events lined up, I hope that you will enjoy watching our Instagram accounts all weekend long - just use #blogteamDDW to stay in the know on IG.

See you all on Instagram in Eindhoven!



See This Cozy Scottish Kitchen In a Georgian Farmhouse

Hello dear readers, my name is Alison Gibb and I'm a new monthly columnist from Scotland here on decor8 as part of Holly's growing team of writers, stylists and photographers. I've been creating features for interiors magazines with my photographer husband, Douglas Gibb, for 20 years now, in his native Scotland. For my first column, which isn't a full home tour but a gorgeous kitchen instead, I will share the space of Arlene and David Munro-Wise who live in a 200-year-old Georgian farmhouse, located in a magical spot on Scotland's East Coast, called Lunan bay.

Arlene and David's Lovely Home

Arlene and David's Lovely Home

On arrival, my husband and I were immediately bowled over by Arlene's warmth and incredible sense of style. As a couple they share an artistic vision completely and have a proven track record for rescuing ancient houses. 


They previously restored their own 400-hundred-year-old home in France and then spent nine years thereafter undertaking restoration projects for clients all over Provence, the Tarn and the Languedoc. They then decided to move to Scotland, where Arlene was born and brought up, to be nearer to family and old friends.


Together they run a business creating events: staging some of the biggest and most extravagant shows in the world, from concept through to production, including the Armani event at the Dubai World Cup. 


You can see her stunning landscape paintings dotted around her home: she studied theater design at Nottingham and then went on to do an MA at the Slade School in London,. She painted the sets for Scottish Opera for five years while her son was a child, she then met David and remarried and moved to France. Find out more about Arlene's work here at Arlmunro

Derelict for five years, Arlene describes the interior as 'dark, gloomy and hideous' when they bought it; they wanted to open up the roof spaces, expose the trusses and create new windows and roof lights to enhance the light. Working in a freelance capacity and ready to travel at a moment’s notice, they have mastered the art of what Arlene calls ‘living lightly’. 

They have skillfully injected this philosophy into their home: both spatially sensitive and light sensitive, they have stripped it back and reinstated its unique qualities and architectural features, while also adding contemporary touches. 


The most dramatic transformation is undoubtedly the kitchen. Arlene and David have deliberately exposed the tactile pinkish stone walls and ceiling rafters, installed four Velux roof lights, replaced an existing window and installed glazed double doors to access the garden. Never has the phrase ‘let there be light’ been more appropriate.

“I love the juxtaposition between old and new,” Arlene adds. Finding the original, time-worn flagstone floors in the kitchen was a joyous moment,” she reveals. “The kitchen floor had been covered in shiny black tiles and paired with red gloss-painted Artex walls and a dark pine kitchen. Some of the flagstones were damaged but we were able to repair them.”


 “We chose made-up units that came ready for painting, which I did myself – paint, sand, paint became a mantra - in a soft shade of grey contrasted with white that features throughout the house. The units and central island are topped with white Italian composite quartz work surfaces and all the appliances were bought online,” she says. Arlene is an able cook, entertaining for friends is effortless when you have coordinated events on the scale of the Dubai World Cup.


A key feature, if not the star feature, is an old door suspended on a sliding wheeled mechanism against the kitchen’s exposed stone wall. Battered and studded with monster-sized nails, the door is 400 years old and was carefully transported from the couple’s former home in France. “My brother rigged up a suitably ancient looking sliding system to hang it from,” adds Arlene.

When it comes to buying things for the house Arlene confesses to loving a bargain. “I’m a truffler!” she laughs. “I truffle for things wherever I go, although I like to buy nice materials. Her truffling to date has resulted in furniture from India, Dubai, France and the UK, where sources range from auction houses to TK Maxx and online.

While the house is still an on-going project, Arlene and David can now afford to take time out to enjoy nearby Lunan beach and explore the Angus countryside and coastline. 

“For us this project was a mission to restore the historic detail while also providing contemporary comforts to make a home livable in again,” Arlene muses.  There is a much longed for studio where Arlene can paint in the garden. For this well-traveled couple it has been a remarkable journey – one that has secured this beautiful period property’s future for another few hundred years.

See you again soon with another tour from a Scottish home, next time an entire home that you will love! - Alison.

(Photography: Douglas Gibb // Text: Alison Gibb for decor8)

Must See: Arabia Artists' Studios + Art Department In Helsinki

Hello again friends! After sharing the museum tour from the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre yesterday here, I want to know show you glimpses of my private tour of the Arabia artists' studios located in the Arabia building on the 9th floor. I am proud to say that I took all of these photos myself and I really love how they came out!

My idea of heaven.

My idea of heaven.

If you missed my post from yesterday, Arabia is one of Finland's most respected and beloved tableware brands and has held this position for nearly 150 years. Finland has a very strong design legacy and Arabia is part of that, as a true pioneer of Finnish design. You can't walk into a Finnish home and not find something from Arabia there.

A wall covered in ceramic tiles made by the artists.

A wall covered in ceramic tiles made by the artists.


The Arabia Artists' Studios and Art Department was established nearly 15 years ago by Arabia artists and founders in order to uphold its traditions and ensure the continuation of the cultural heritage of ceramic art. Their goal is to promote Finnish and international talent with all who visit, including children who are invited to create in the studio space from time to time and workshops for adults are held regularly.

Work in progress.

Work in progress.

Today the Arabia art society includes artists Fujiwo Ishimoto, Heljä Liukko-Sundström, Heikki Orvola, Pekka Paikkari, Heini Riitahuhta, Kristina Riska, Kim Simonsson, Kati Tuominen-Niittylä, Jasmin Anoschkin and visiting artist Veera Kulju, who all have private studios along the long corridor shown below.


Touring the art department was awesome. In fact, when I was allowed into the locked studio of their current visiting artist, Veera Kulju, tears streamed down my cheeks immediately. I wasn't allowed to take a single photo in her space, but it was the hardest thing in the world to NOT take at least one. Out of respect, I didn't. But Kulju's work resonated with me on a very deep level and it felt so spiritual to connect to work like that. I will never forget when the door opened and I glanced at her gorgeous ceramic pieces in process, it was surreal and sublime. She is definitely now one of my favorite ceramicists and I am dying to know more about her and her work.

The work of Veera Kulju.

The work of Veera Kulju.

More work from Veera Kulju.

More work from Veera Kulju.

Another artist that I enjoyed very much is Heini Riitahuhta. In fact, I saw her work at the Habitare Fair and during our panel, when we each had to nominate two favorite things from the fair, I nominated her wall ceramics. It was strange how the next day, I found myself in the Arabia studios and saw Riitahuhta's work again and learned for the first time that she works with Arabia and has her studio there. What a small world!

Heini Riitahuhta's work in progress.

Heini Riitahuhta's work in progress.

Completed pieces by Heini Riitahuhta.

Completed pieces by Heini Riitahuhta.



I truly loved being enveloped in this creative environment and now, I want to take a ceramics class and try my hand at making a few pieces as a relaxing hobby. The smell of this space made me so happy, it brought back my favorite classes from school - art classes - and how deeply I wanted to paint and work with clay and make things with my hands back then... But my eye and my writing was always stronger than what I could physically create with clay and paint.

I enjoyed art so much though I never saw myself as that "good". Today, I am very open and willing to try again. Perhaps from my years of experience around art and design, I may have a deeper passion for handmade work than I did as a young girl and this could result in being a bit more talented with my hands.

In any case, I have resolved to find a class and start creating little ceramic items for my cabinet. I'm so happy that my trip to Arabia inspired me to pursue something I've kept on the back burner for so many years...

Do you dabble in ceramics? Do you like it?

Have a lovely day!

(Photography + Text: Holly Becker for decor8)