decor8 ("decorate") is one of the first and best-known decorating and lifestyle blogs in the world founded in 2006 by award-winning Interiors expert, Holly Becker. she works as a journalist, author, stylist and influencer.

FOUNDER/EDITOR. Hi, I’m Holly Becker and I’m an American expat from Boston living and working in Hannover, Germany (and often in Hamburg) on projects that I love in the world of interiors and publishing. I am also a mother, a role that I put first in my life because parenting is something that I truly value and love and my little boy is really awesome. I try to balance work/life but realized now that he is 5-years-old that it’s impossible on most days, so instead, I’ve just learned to just take one day at a time and to be positive and happy, no matter what.

Photography by Patrick Runte, Hamburg.

Photography by Patrick Runte, Hamburg.

As for work, I’m known as pioneer in my industry because I am fearless, I’m a leader who loves to take risks and to try new things, and I challenge myself by doing things that haven’t been done before. I am curious and energetic; I’m always thinking of what could be next and how to make it possible. I also love to collaborate with others and I work best under pressure. When everyone is ready to give up, I’m the cheerleader who motivates them to stand up and keep going so that we can all be successful together.

My blog was one of the first design blogs in the world to become “famous” and to allow me to earn a living from being a blogger in the early years (circa 2006). Today, I still am a blogger though my career has turned into so much more and I owe all of my success to my readers, family and the brands who have loyally supported me over the past 13+ years.

I have won awards as a journalist and blogger, and also have written four books under the “Decorate” series, which have been published in nearly 20 languages. In fact, my first book was one of the first 3 design books published in America by a blogger and the first ever published in Germany by a blogger as a “test” to see if bloggers could really cross over into print. After it reprinted in Germany 3 or 4 times and became a bestseller, it was obviously a success and now there are hundreds of blogger books sold in multiple markets, maybe even thousands.

With a passion for teaching and learning since childhood, I also launched the first online classes about blogging and social media in 2009 called Blogging Your Way. Before my classes, no training online existed for those who wanted to learn more about how to start a blog or work in social media. I’ve successfully been teaching these classes for over a decade for thousands of students and the classes have branched out to include topics that cover styling and photographer, too.

Living at Home + HOLLY magazine is here

Living at Home + Holly

In 2019, I became the Editor At Large of Europe’s first influencer magazine (for interiors) in collaboration with Living At Home magazine. We will publish issue two in September and see where the project takes us. So far, the audience has been very supportive and the fans continue to grow, so let’s see where this adventure leads. Another first!

Also in 2019, I worked with Depot in Germany to launch the country’s first influencer-designed interiors collection. It sold in-stores and online from January until May and was very successful, with many happy customers and shares on social media. I will definitely design more collections in the near future.

My goal with my many projects is to always to be courageous, innovative, and to lead. I am confident and bold, so I like to go into things first to see if they are “safe” enough for others to also try out, and I don’t mind if I find massive success or not - for me, the success came simply by trying in the first place and to satisfy my own curiosity, to experience the unknown, and to simply be happier because in all that I do, my passion leads me to explore new things and this ultimately gives me a happier life because it inspires me and I can be a good role model for other women, and for my son, and this is priceless.

I want to break boundaries - I believe that you don’t have to be perfect to be great at something, that you don’t need to always have a master plan to run a successful and profitable business, and you don’t need to hold your opinions back because you worry what others may think or are scared to try something new and then be judged because it may fail. I see so many people who hold back because of fear and my motto is, “One Life”. You have to do all that you want to do now, because this is it! And if you fail, who cares, you rise up stronger and move on to the next idea and see how that goes. You risk everything by risking nothing - so risk more and statistically speaking, one of your ideas will be your big success story, trust me on that.

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TEAM (of two!)

Jessica Senti

EDITORIAL CONTENT. Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m the assistant to Holly Becker and I plan all of the editorial content for decor8. I’m an American living in Malta and started my career in the corporate world. While I loved many aspects of my job, I had no real passion for my former line of work. This was the fire that I needed to go back to school to study Interior Design at The Art Institute and then Architecture & History at The University of Minnesota. I enjoy learning and experiencing new things as well as sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

A perfectionist by nature, I have a sharp eye for what is needed in any given situation and I always love to have a project in the works. I have a passion for all things creative, but am particularly interested in interior styling, floral arranging, and event planning.

Along with my position at decor8, I also have my own blog and I am a mom to a beautiful little girl who will turn two in September.


Anke Illner

CONTRIBUTING STYLIST. Hello there, I’m Anke and I live in Wiesbaden, Germany with my husband and two boys. I have a real love for tasty food, travel, the Netherlands, Scandinavian interior design and organizing gatherings centered around food, friends and great decor. Traveling the world as a flight attendant (my husband is a pilot!) gives me the inspiration that I need to bring my impressions home through my recipes and decor style.

I love my job in the airlines, but also enjoy exploring my creative side through my columns on decor8 and my own blog, fantasTISCH, where I focus on my favorite theme – tabletop decoration.

My columns on decor8 are sporadic, but I always focus them on eye-catching tabletop ideas that are welcoming, seasonal and easy for you to create at home no matter where you live or what supplies you have access to.