coffee + cre8tive [mar 3 '06]

I'm inspired by this beautiful winter scene of Bjork. I love the texture, the warmth of her outfit combined with the cold icy background and the intense look in her eyes. Absolutely lush. I think I'll print it out and add it to my inspiration board.

"The reason I do photographs is to help people understand my music, so it's very important that I am the same, emotionally, in the photographs as in the music. Most people's eyes are much better developed than their ears. If they see a certain emotion in the photograph, then they'll understand the music." -Bj?rk, Index Magazine, July 2001

I'm so glad it's Friday, aren't you? I'm hanging out here at my desk munching on dried apricots and relaxing to the hypnotic sounds of the Army of Me Bersarinplatz Mix by Beats Beyond. I love how Bjork carries her voice in this song. Listening to her always calls to mind enchanting videos and lush photos of her in amazing costumes in somewhat surreal environments. Wouldn't you love to have one day with her photographer and access to her closet?

Kicking off Friday with Bjork is somewhat dangerous though because it instantly lifts me into weekend mode. This weekend, my friend is coming up to stay with us for 3 days. I know this sounds so high school, but she's my very best friend in the whole wide world. Nights spent at a cozy pub around the fire talking until the wee hours, laughing about her boy problems... I can't wait to see her.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Shoot me an email or comment below. I'd love to know more about what you do with your weekend time. I hope you make time to do something really nice for yourself and your family...even if it's simply taking a walk or lingering in a cafe. Just enjoy every moment you have. Life is precious. Happy Friday!

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