DESIGN 21: Social Design Network? LOGO COMPETITION

To kickoff the launch of their exciting new venture, DESIGN 21: Social Design Network? wants YOU to create their official logo! The winner will receive a cash prize of $5,000! That's a nice heap of cash to put towards a room design or into your education or even to get started on your own business.

The Logo Competition was designed as an exciting way to pre-launch the Social Design Network, a new online community that will bring designers and non-profits together to create, share and discuss socially responsible design. Their mantra is to involve and encourage you, members of the creative community. We ask that you create the content?not us. Believing that design is a form of self expression, and has the potential to do great things, one logo that embodies the qualities of The Social Design Network will be chosen and adopted as our official logo.

There is no fee to enter. Simply join our Network of designers to compete. Click here to get started! Closing date for submissions September 4, 2006

Official website and first round of design competitions will open September 1, 2006.