Doggy Announcements via Tiny Prints

Yup. We are a nation quickly going to the dogs. More and more of our friends are adopting puppies, and I'm even considering a dog at some point in the future after we've sorted things out. Like which country we'll settle in. As a young couple, tough choices are soon to be made that will affect our future children, and of course, pets too. Afterall, I can't keep commuting between countries with a puppy. So much to consider. Dogs have been compared to having a child. Seeing the work involved, listening to the many stories from friends, I tend to agree.

Don't you think dogs are the first step couples take on their way to family planning? My parents had two dogs before I arrived, and most of my friends started out with canine companions before taking on mini versions of themselves. In a way, I think it helps us to test the waters. Learn more about the word "responsibility" that falls way beyond work deadlines. To dedicate our every breathing moment to something that, at first, doesn't give back as much as we're putting into it. With normal adult relationships, we get back the moment we give. (Like I said, normal relationships.) With puppies and babies, the pleasure isn't exactly ours because both cannot respond the way we would prefer, require regular caring for, training, and have more needs than anything else alive on this planet. With kids and dogs, we quickly learn that the world doesn't evolve around work and play, but in delivering on a very basic level, sometimes the most difficult -- feeding, cleaning, teaching, training. This requires a lot of patience, time, and repetition beyond belief. I like to tell someone my thoughts and that's the end of it, I do not care to repeat myself a thousand times over until they "get it". How much I will learn once I add new additions to our family someday.

Puppies seem to be the first start on this journey towards emptying a different pocket - the one that requires us to give compassion, tenderness, and instead of booting up our PC to block out the nagging concerns of our day, we must interact with the screaming or barking bundle in the other room. Tuning out is no longer an option. Time to tune in.

If you are considering a new pet, please know that much more is involved than when dad come home with Spot from the local dog pound. They have special stores devoted to their care, pet insurance is available, elegant tombstones (vs. a stick) for marking their graves, fashionable attire from top designers, special beds constructed in materials such as lucite or felt (vs. a standard pillow with a ratty pillowcase), and yes, like babies, puppies come with announcements. Custom dog announcements and invitations available in 20+ distinctive designs by Tiny Prints. Inform your friends and throw a doggy shower, a hit for humans and canines alike.

Are you planning on parenting a pup sometime soon? Any doggy stores to tell us? Tips welcome! :)

(images from tiny prints)