Organize Your Life in 2015 With Mi Goals

Being organized is a battle! I know it's not entirely possible to  be perfectly organized, especially with so many curve balls photo bombing our life at any given moment, but having some type of system in place is helpful and the only way I get anything done. Sometimes I flop though. And other days I'm crazy insane productive. And while I risk sounding like teenager admitting this, aside from just being more productive, the single most motivating thing that gets me to even buy or use organizational products, like planners, is cuteness factor. That's why I love Mi Goals (or click her for MiGoals on etsy). Clean, modern, cute. I'd totally use these. il_570xN.689587508_djs4 il_fullxfull.679920134_a1mn-1 il_fullxfull.676722450_ao9d il_fullxfull.685027433_fdui

Have you already begun planning your resolutions for 2015? I have and I feel really good about them. Let's exchange them at the end of this month okay? I can't think about them yet, I need to take a winter pause soon and relax for a few weeks and not think about anything related to DOING much of anything outside of caring for my baby and family stuff. B

ut I know come January 1, I'll be ready to take on a new year. I always feel so hopeful and pumped after the holidays and NYE. It's like I want to wear my Beyonce Wasn't Build In One Day t-shirt and knock out every goal ka-pow style! By end of January, I'm usually feeling less girl power-y, I am going to still work towards my goal with zeal next year. I didn't make resolutons for 2014, the only thing I wanted was my baby to be born healthy and beautiful and that totally happened so I'm just basking in gratefulness.

But next year, I'm ready to get into gear and do some great things for myself, my family and my business. Are you feeling ready to bring it too?

(images: mi goals)