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Decor Shop Love: Tour Elsie Green

Today I’m so happy to take you with me on a little vacation. We are going to shop together today at ELSIE GREEN, a shop outside of San Francisco, California (On instagram @elsiegreen). Elsie Green is a French-inspired concept shop owned by Laurie and JP Furber. They noticed a need for a shop that offers beautiful vintage pieces with a European touch and launched eight years ago and have been successful every since. Their intuition was correct.

Decor Shop Love: Tour Elsie Green

Their flagship store is 30 mins outside of San Francisco (Concord, CA) and their new Sebastopol shop is nestled into the famous California wine country in The Barlow (the shopping center where the shop is located), which is an amazing space for makers and artists to come together. 

Decor Shop Love: Tour Elsie Green
Decor Shop Love: Tour Elsie Green

Most of their products are vintage and come directly from France. Laurie and JP travel there 3-4 times a year to shop the flea markets and send big containers back stateside with all of the treasures that they source. Their favorite trend right now is vintage portraits, “We can barely keep them in stock once we find them!”, admits this stylist duo.

Decor Shop Love: Tour Elsie Green
Decor Shop Love: Tour Elsie Green

Their style is always evolving, yet the foundation is always “French Chic”. They love to combine rustic pieces with modern touches. “The French have incredible taste so each vintage piece we find feels like it lived its previous life in our chicest French friend’s apartment”, says Laurie.

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Laurie and JP have a real passion for their work. These days, retail is a hard job but they both told me that they really love what they do and they created spaces where they can be creative and explore anything and everything. Do they have struggles? Of course, the best work also has hard times. They credit their team for being a huge support to them during their rough times, whom they consider as an extended family.

Laurie + JP, Photography by Leslie Santarina

Laurie + JP, Photography by Leslie Santarina

I asked Laurie for some tips on where to go in Sebastopol and in the Bay Area, since she has such impeccable style. Here’s her “hit list”.


sleep - Grace Ranch. Our dear friends own this amazing airbnb and it is our FAVORITE place to stay when we are in town. 

sleep - the Astro Motel in Santa Rosa (a quick 10 minute drive from the Barlow)

eat - Fern Bar at the Barlow - amazing cocktails and beautifully plated bites

eat -The Farmer’s Wife at the Barlow - TO DIE FOR GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES

drink - Spirit Works Distillery at the Barlow - such a fun place to pop into for a cocktail and if you’re lucky you can get a tour of the distillery and maybe meet the distillery pups! 

Bay Area: 

sleep - Cavallo Point! It is on the north side of the Golden Gate bridge and has amazing views of the city from across the Bay!

eat - Octavia - our dear friend owns this restaurant and it is life changing. A must when you visit SF.

drink - Trick Dog SF - unbelievable cocktails!

visit - make a pit stop at the SF Flower Market - it makes for a very fun afternoon walking up and down the stalls of flowers for sale!

What are some goals ahead for Elsie Green? “We would love to produce a creative retreat either stateside or in France - styling, photography, flea market hunting! Who wouldn’t love that!?!”, says Laurie. Yes, you’re right Laurie, who wouldn’t. Fortunately for Laure though, she has what it takes to pull that off and I can see anything she puts her hands on becoming a success.

Thanks you two for joining me here on decor8 today and thanks to my dear readers for joining us.



(Shop Photography with permission from Victoria Smith, Portrait with permission from Leslie Santarina)



Hello Holly Podcast Episode 1: Scandinavian Design, Style + Life with Niki Brantmark

What is it about Scandinavian design that draws us in? How can we bring more of it into our home? What is Lagom and how can we apply it to our daily life? What are the hallmarks of Scandinavian design?

Hello Holly Podcast Episode 1

I’m simply thrilled to have my good friend Niki Brantmark with me on episode one of my new podcast of HELLO HOLLY.

Niki is the best-selling author and blogger from the award-winning My Scandinavian Home blog and will answer these questions and more, including what’s happening right now in design that makes her excited and some details about her life as a London expat living and working in Malmo, Sweden.

If you like this podcast, please rate it and leave a review on iTunes and if you think your friends should listen, please share it and tag us at @hollymagazin @decor8 and #hollymag so we can reshare the love!

Thank you so much and enjoy the episode 1 of HELLO HOLLY! Episode 2 goes live tomorrow, 10 October!



NEW! HELLO HOLLY Podcast: Interiors, Trends + Friends!

Have you heard the news? I have a new interiors podcast called HELLO HOLLY! It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, AudioNow and in many other places where podcasts are found. I’m so excited because I have for my first guest, Scandinavian design and lifestyle expert, Niki Brantmark from My Scandinavian Home. For episode 1 we talk all about Scandi design, her life as a blogger, mother, Swedish expat from London, book author and design service founder. Niki is an amazing business woman (so savvy!) and I really love our podcast together and I’m pretty certain that you will too. She has a ton of knowledge and great tips to share for those of you curious (or obsessed) with Nordic style.

HELLO HOLLY Podcast: Holly talks to Niki from My Scandinavian Home.

Each podcast is 30 minutes, next week I’m talking to an amazing trend expert for instance, and they’re available bi-weekly. I am so excited about this project and very happy to have a podcast that people all over the world can tune in to in order to listen to creatives talk about interiors, trends, business topics relating to creatives, and so much more - but always focused on interiors, trends and friends!


It’s wonderful that after 10 years of recording podcasts alone in my office for my 10,000 students in my Blogging Your Way e-courses, that I’m finally sitting in an actual recording studio face-to-face with my guests at G+J in Hamburg having conversations - and the best part is - we don’t cut or edit them. I actually LOVE that. We press record and for 30 minutes, the conversation just flows - without stop. This way the conversation is kept authentic and exactly as it would be if you were sitting at a table nearby listening to two friends having an animated chat- that is exactly how I want HELLO HOLLY to feel - like you are spying on two friends - so I invite you to pull up a seat and listen in. My guests are amazing and each one will give you something valuable (or many somethings!) to take away from your 30 minutes with us. Listen in the car, during your run, while you cook, in the shower… But please tune in because I promise they’ll brighten your day.

Also with each podcast, I always ask the same question in the beginning, “What are you excited about right now?” and the same closing question, “What makes a house a home to YOU?”. And the rest, in between those questions, is anyone’s guess. I barely prepare and usually wing it, but that’s what I like the most - because when I prepare too much I lose my zest and suddenly the conversation becomes a robotic question and answer, or too rehearsed and perfect-sounding, and that’s NOT my style. So HELLO HOLLY is a real conversation with real people about real interiors topics.

HELLO HOLLY Podcast: Holly talks to Niki from My Scandinavian Home.

In the near future, I’ll also be setting up podcasts with people who cannot travel to Hamburg to record live with me. We are still working that out. But I’d love to have great people with stories they want to tell about the creative things that are doing. If you have something you feel needs to be heard, I want to talk to you! If you have a good story about your creative business, a design problem you’ve had and handled, ways you run your shop that are successful, how you market your brand, tips on how to win at social media, whatever you have that can teach and inspire our listeners, I would love to hear from you. The only requirement is that you speak and understand English (but you don’t have to speak perfect English!) and that you have something to talk about that you’re passionate about.

HELLO HOLLY Podcast: Holly talks to Niki from My Scandinavian Home.

HELLO HOLLY Episode 1 is now available soooooo please listen to it and most importantly, leave a nice review (only if you mean it!) and star rating (on iTunes) because it really matters and the support means we can keep the podcasts going and going and going! And that’s what I want. The more voices, the more stories - the more inspiration, motivation and ideas we can bring to the world and the more I can continue to support the creative community that I love so much.

I’d love to hear what you think of it. And if you want, you can share podcasts usually directly from your phone to your instagram stories. And if you do, use hashtag #hollymag so I can reshare your story on @decor8 and @hollymagazin (no “e”).

I hope that you love it as much as I do!



(Interiors Photos: Niki Brantmark, Holly + Niki Photo: Esra Celik for G+J Media)

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Meet Me In Stuttgart at Breuninger For Jonathan Adler's Product Launch!

Hello Stuttgart - Do you want to meet me tomorrow, August 31 as I give you a personal tour of the Breuninger pop up design shop where Jonathan Adler will now be stocked? I’ll be there as a fiend to Jonathan and his European team to welcome you to this lovely event where we introduce Stuttgart to who Jonathan is as a designer, what he stands for, and the amazing products that he creates that bring a burst of happiness and glamour to your everyday.

Jonathan won’t be there but his products will be - and I’m happy to help you if you need assistance in shopping for your home in the Brueninger POP UP design shop. It would be fun to help you and to be your personal design assistant in any way that I can! I can’t wait to show you some of my favorite things, take photos together, and just be part of this lovely event centered around my favorite thing - INTERIORS!

Jonathan Adler New York - View Jonathan Adler Decor Home Decoration Ideas Designing Classy

The event begins at 13:00 and wraps up around 17:00uhr (I will leave earlier, so to meet me, it’s best that you arrive between 13-16uhr since I’ll be floating around the store after that to shop and see more of Brueninger since it will be my first time there! I can’t wait, the store seems to be a much loved shop in Stuttgart so I’m naturally thrilled to be invited as a special guest for this event.

When you enter the store, ask for the design POP UP shop, which is on the ground level, and I’ll be there with all of my friends and surrounded by the beautiful designs of Jonathan Adler and the other brands that are part of this fabulous new POP UP concept at Breuninger. I can’t wait to meet you! See you tomorrow!

If you cannot make it to the store, you can also shop for JA products from the Breuninger website here.

Address: Brueninger, Marktstr. 1-3, Stuttgart (Ground Floor at the Concept Store/ Popup Store)



(Photo: Jonathan Adler Germany)

Get Inspired! Scandinavian Design Under One Roof: See You at Formland in August!
Let's Meet at Formland in August!

It’s time again for me to go to FORMLAND in Denmark this August to meet up with my good friend Stefan Nilsson (trendstefan) to see the sights and listen in on what the Scandinavians have to say about design up north. I really enjoy this fair and can’t wait until opening day on August 15th. Won’t you join me?


At Formland as a visitor, you can get an overview of the all the latest in Scandinavian design today and in the months ahead under one roof with 450 exhibitors in 10 halls including Hübsch, Normann Copenhagen, Georg Jensen, Kay Bojesen, Lyngby, Kähler, Holmegaard, Stelton, Humdakin, OYOY, Woud, HAY and more. I love meeting with the many exhibitors and agents face-to-face because I spend so much time online and appreciate just hanging out in person with people, listening to their stories and seeing what excites them at the moment.

See You at Formland in August!


I am always inspired too by the experts and stylists at the Trend zones. For the August fair, the annual Studio FLYHELSTED Trend Zone I’m excited about is called VÆRKET and will be in HALL D. I love the trend zone these two ladies put on, always so good! It’s about contrasts and the meeting between place between the handmade and the industrial, between global climate awareness and local and close relations. What does that meeting place, that middle point, look like? We’ll see in a few months.

Of course, SELECTED BY in Hall E is back again (I love this hall!) and this time, they have developed a concept where four experts on trends in Denmark will create their own environment showcasing their trend predictions. They all have selected beautiful products from exhibitors of the fair, which they later have styled. I am proud to see this happen because I always thought these stands work best when you can personally experience the creativity of talented trend spotters as they themselves style their own display. I can’t wait to see how this idea transpires.


I am also excited to see one particular Trend cafe this time called Café Composé in HALL H created in cooperation with HØEG+MØLLER. The inspiration behind the concept is a tendency where anything goes. A composite universe where colors, forms, patterns and materials are being mixed. Eclectic is in! There are other beautiful cafes to eat at at the fair too, in fact this fair as the best spots to eat out of all of the fairs that I’ve been to in Europe because they are all very trendy and themed with great food and lots of healthy, fresh options.

In addition to trend cafes, the trend zone, and all of the great exhibitors, there is also the food hall! Oh the food hall! I go there usually at the end of the day on Saturday before I officially leave the fair. It’s my final treat to myself. I sample licorice, teas, chocolates and a myriad of other things and chat up the vendors. Some offer me some wine, which I always accept gladly on the final day before signing off!

See You at Formland in August!


Oh and yes…. Another great pleasure are the talks and panels - I’ll be leading one in English about Trends with a few of my friends. My panel isn’t listed yet on the website, but I think my spot will be on Friday. I’ll let you know on July 31 here on the blog the exact details and who my guests will be. This year I read an English lecture about PANTONE colors will be given, I have to look for the details on that, but I’ll definitely be attending that one.


There will also be a very special spotlight on sustainability at this fair. “Let us take you on a zero waste journey at the brand new ‘We Care’ expo in hall E.” Doesn’t this sound interesting? Formland has teamed up with selected exhibitors to shine a spotlight on zero waste achieved by sustainable production methods like recycled plastic, glass, paper textiles, etc. I personally want to see an end to the use of SO MUCH PLASTIC. It drives me crazy!!!


Formland is a closed trade fair for the design and interior industry and reserved for professionals with registered companies. If you are a blogger in the design niche or a journalist, you are most certainly invited to attend. Getting there from northern Germany is very easy, I take the train from Hamburg to Flensburg to Fredericia and then to Herning. I can work on my laptop and chill and I like that. But you can also fly from Germany or from any other point in the world. You can fly to Midtjyllands Airport or Billund.

See You at Formland in August!


OKAY so I’ll be at Formland on the 15th, 16th and 17th - speaking most likely on the 16th about trends with my panel guests. I can’t wait to see you - so please try to get there and let’s have coffee or come say hello at my lecture or if you see me walking around!

See You at Formland in August!

All the best,


European Design Bloggers in Transylvania: Follow Our Adventures On Instagram @decor8 All Week!

Hello dear friends! How are you? Yes, you read the post title correctly - I’m going to Sibiu, Bogatu Român, Bran and Avrig in Transylvania, Romania tomorrow morning for 4 days with some good blogger friends (Niki, Mette, Igor, Agata and Desiree) sponsored by TISCA rugs!

TISCA is an Austrian rug company that has a factory there that we’ll tour and, a very exciting part for me is this: we each get the chance to weave a small rug on the loom! Yippee! That is one of the best parts of the trip for me - to be in the factory and to experience rug making personally. I hope to do a good job and craft something nice enough to display on the wall in my home vs. a total eyesore. :) I would really love to make something special that I can cherish and say, “HEY I MADE THAT!”. There is no better feeling than to display something at home that you, or someone you love, made with their own two hands.

TISCA rugs on floors and walls at Domotex 2018

TISCA rugs on floors and walls at Domotex 2018

A little back story about TISCA and how this whole thing started… I met the TISCA team at Domotex in Hannover this past year (and also last year too), through my job at the fair. Also, the other bloggers coming met them at the fair too so I am so happy to be reunited soon with my European blogger pals on this great trip.

You may also remember the name of this brand from my blog when, in 2018, TISCA appeared in a roundup of my favorite stands at Domotex. In fact, that very year, they had one of the most photographed stands at Domotex thanks to the design talent of Lotta Agatan and Pella Hedby from Sweden (Pella’s home tour and an interview will be on decor8 this Friday, June 14th so stay tuned!). Do you remember this post? That is the TISCA stand designed by Lotta and Pella…

Live sustainability, take on social responsibility and create jobs where for decades there have been none. Although these may be empty phrases elsewhere, they are a way of life at TISCA.

I have no clue what to expect in Romania as far as life and culture - but I’m about to find out and you can follow along on my Instastories and on my Instafeed starting tomorrow, 10 June until Friday the 14th of this week. All of my content this week on Instagram will be about my travels to Romania with my blogger friends so please follow me @decor8 on Instagram to see more (especially follow my stories there because I’ll put all of the behind-the-scenes stuff there, including our tour of the famous Dracula Castle and also Brukenthal Castle.)

TISCA rug samples on the wall, aren’t they beautiful?

TISCA rug samples on the wall, aren’t they beautiful?

TISCA rugs, established in 1963, are all handmade, which is something I’m very proud to journey all the way to Transylvania to witness firsthand. “From 26 structures and 96 colours, skilled weavers create a collection for individualists. High-quality new wool from New Zealand sheep, custom sizes, durability as well as reversibility are further specialities of TISCA Austria.”

I want to wish you all a fabulous start to a new week and again, follow me on Instagram this week to see the things we see and do in Romania with TISCA.



(Photography: Holly Becker)