decor8: Welcome!

Hello! My name is Holly Becker and I'm currently enrolled in a local design school pursuing a certificate in Interior Design and enjoy it very much. I also have clients that I work with in Boston, currently a couple in a new loft, a single professional who just relocated here from Chicago, and another single professional who owns a condo in the South End. It's fun working with them, but I need something more because I have so many great things that I find while working on these projects and I have no clue where or how to organize all the great things I come across in the world of art and design. So this blog is going to be a spot for me to catalog them and also to reach out to my clients and friends and those of you out there who are looking for a bit of inspiration and insight into what goes on in the life of a designer, though I'm not one yet but I hope to be a designer or at least a decorator or stylist. I was born to do this, some people can dance, I can decorate. I believe you can go to school to learn it, but for some genetics play a larger role and for me transforming spaces into supportive, positive environments is hard-wired into my DNA. I hope you enjoy this blog and if you have any questions or are looking for someone to work with you in your home (and you live in the Boston are), please drop me a line at decor8blog AT