Home Tour: Richard Avedon

I had to do some research this week on Richard Avedon since I've been looking for a print of his, and I came across a unique look at his former home in New York. For those of you who don't know him, Richard Avedon is a famous fashion photographer, born in NY in 1923, and is known for reinventing photographic portraiture. In 1946, he was discovered by Harper's Bazaar and quickly began producing work for them, as well as Vogue magazine. His photography is famous for it's minimalism, and simply lovely. He's photographed the famous throughout his career, and as result, became famous himself. I spotted an older article about his home, a carriage house in the Upper East Side of Manhattan that was for sale about a year ago, along with a photo tour of his space. Again, it's dated, but still very interesting and visually appealing. Enjoy!