MoMa Store

You know what they say, when daddy says no, head straight to moma. Okay, so you're an adult now. Let's translate that to the here and now. In this case, daddy is your husband telling you how you can't afford that new Chloe shirt, and moma is the perfect retail therapy fix for pouting females (also a great place to buy husband a sweet gift which may change his mind about the chloe shirt).

The MoMa store (Museum of Modern Art) is located online, via catalog, and in 3 NYC locations. MoMa carries items for everyone that range from staplers to watches. You can count on them for items that are well designed, make for excellent gifting (hint hint), and just plain look cool. Don't miss their big 60% sale, the orange lamp and rolling storage bench shown are a few steals, amongst many others. 'Nuff said.

(Photos: TOP: Eames house of cards, $25; I have these and frame my favorites, Eames coasters $15. BELOW: Bench box on sale for $314.95, Birz lamp on sale for $39.95; also available in lime and white. All photos from MoMa.)