MUT Museum of Useful Things

It's time to give some lovin' to the locals. I don't think I've featured anything uniquely Boston on here yet. I guess I'm still not, since these folks are across the river in Cambridge. (ha ha local joke). It's called MUT, or Museum of Useful Things, and it's located in the smartest zip code in the United States, none other than Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Not MIT... M-U-T

MIT= Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MUT = Museum of Useful Things

Both located in Cambridge, MA
Both contain things that are wicked smaht

Take, for instance, this Aluminum Pencil/Pen holder. Made right here in the USA. Once intended for laboratory use as a test tub holder, well surprise! You hated chem 01 anyway. For $28, this can sit on that fancy-schmancy desk of yours and raise your degree of coolness. (Photo from MUT) Check out MUT online, or visit their store at 49 Brattle Street in Cambridge.