Judy's Book

Need to find someone to paint your pad? Looking for a good dentist? Seamstress, anyone? How about a romantic restaurant for that special someone? Local skateboard shop suggestion? Stop, look, and listen up! Have you first consulted your neighbors on Judy's Book? Judy's Book, known as, "Your Friends' Yellow Pages", is a rapidly growing "local word of mouth" community on the web. Your friends and groups can swap local tips. You can read tips from people you've never met. Judy's Book is looking to, "Bring Democracy to the Local Advertising Business" and, "Restore Consumer Trust to Local Search Results". I think they're doing a pretty good job. I still love my craigslist, but Judy's Book has everything listed by category, no spam, no grow such-and-such bigger in 5 days or send X amount of money to some woman in South Africa who was recently left a widow by her rich husband and needs you to take the money...in other words, you get credible writers with honest reviews, so it's worth investigating. Let me know what you think. Make sure you search for design stores (like you so weren't planning on that already. har har)
(Photos: courtesy of Judy's Book)