If you saw the new King Kong, you won't soon forget the freaky insect scene. Seeing spiders and cockroaches the size of mini cooper's wasn't my cup of tea. I left the theatre swearing I had something crawling down my shirt. Stray popcorn. But still.

Admit it, bugs get a bad rap. How would you feel if you were always featured in freaky movie scenes, sprayed down with repellant upon entering a room, crushed under the heel of some chick screaming, "OOOOHHH MMMYYYY GAAWWWDDD LARRRYY hand meeee a shoooeee!" Other than a decent portrayal in Disney's, "A Bug's Life", most of these little critters are shunned and stomped.

Good news for the winged and multi-legged ones. Things are about to change. LA based IGE (pronounced long E-gay), is showing bugs a little respect by showcasing gilded silver insects on wool pillows cut from men's suiting material. Available in brown or grey pin striped fabric, these pillows are cruelty-free for bugs and won't leave you with the creepy crawlies. In fact, Helene Ige, Parson's grad and the designer behind IGE, carries distinctive furniture featuring unique laminate insects on furnishings such as tables, too. Her organic pop art approach gives a modern flair to old-school design. When in LA, you can visit her store, or you can dial her up for retail locations in your state.

(Photo courtesy of IGE. Note: Wouldn't you love to paint that chair lime green, painting the scroll work white inside?)