Music + Design

I'm curious about what you guys are listening to. Music is such a massive part of my life. My husband composes techno and plays the piano and keyboard (hobby). I've written music for a few Boston bands and have a very musical family, but the only instrument I can play is my iPod. :) Okay, doesn't count.

Music creates a definite mood in a space. It's tightly woven in the fabric I call, "ultimate design". After I've fluffed the pillows, washed the floor, straightened the art, adjusted the lighting... I carefully select CDs for the evening and load them into the stereo. That's the final touch that a room with great design needs. Great tunes.

Music is moving, touching, it lingers... When I walk into a space and the dweller has on their favorite tunes, I can't help but enjoy their little world even more. What do you play in your world?

Here's what I'm listening to... (in no particular order.)

SASHA - Two CDs - Involver (I can't stop listening to this) and Fundacion
ANGGUN - Luminescence - Import/French Pop
MADONNA - Confessions on a Dance Floor (one song rolls into another, great vibe.)
AMELIE SOUNDTRACK - Soundtrack by Yann Tiersen
ANNETT LOUISAN - Boheme - Import/German (sounds like a German Norah Jones)
FRANK SINATRA - The Very Good Years
NEK - Le Cose Da Difendere - Import/Italian Pop
SADE - Lover's Rock
MICHAEL BUBLE' - Caught in the Act (Live CD)
THE SMITHS - The Best of the Smiths, Vol. 1

Here's to good design + good music!
(Photo: Various artists, all linked above for your listening pleasure!)