Eye candy is a lot more fun when it's within reach. inmod isn't about wiping the drool off your face and having to walk away. No need to sell your firstborn. Don't have to go in debt. You just have to shop savvy. Sort the items on inmod by price so you can view them according to your budget. I scrubbed their entire site (I've got no life, dude!) and found some great items that are both affordable and sexy.
The Meringue lights (above) are sweet finds at $84.99 for the hanging lamp (there's also a table lamp model), and $134.99 for the floor model. The Modular room divider, on the other hand, is the big exception here. It has a hefty pricetag, but it sure is built to please with it's towering illuminated self. It's the Heidi Klum of room dividers. Don't you think it has this whole Sci-fi Fifth Element thing goin' on? I totally dig it although I have no clue what I'd do with it in my so-not-a-swank-loft space.

Modular room divider $1,499.99 (drool, drool)

Would you like some more candy, little design addicts?

Nebula $184.99 Great Balls of Fire!
Lars Chair $169.99 - Bulging at the seams!

Sophisticate Chair $114.99 (In White or Black) - Great legs, darling!

Perf Boxes, $299 set of 2 (Part of the permanent collect at the San Fran MoMA)
PERFect for me!

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