Nicolette Brunklaus

Zurich. September '05. Me, foggy streets, 6am, jet lagged, retaining water. Just stepped off a 9 hour flight. Slowly walked by a most impressive home decor store with swollen feet stuffed into very tight heels. Saw things that stopped me dead in my tracks. Me and my little rolling suitcase stood there unable to speak. The suitcase for obvious reasons, me because the store wasn't open, and wouldn't be for 3 more hours. Yawning, I peered in, hands pressed against glass, wondering why it was that one single window prevented me from retail paradise. I imagined getting cozy with all that Birch furniture. The fluffy beds. The lush rugs. I imagined having breakfast beneath that cute lamp. Ahhh, the lamp with the chandelier face. My little suitcase and I rolled on. I never saw that flickering lamp again.

Well, not really. I did see the lamp again, right in the hip South End. Designer Nicolette Brunklaus from Amsterdam has an entire collection of exquisitely unique lamps at Lekker. Sure, they're around $400 so they're not budget friendly, but they're dreamy. Here are two of my favorites. Available online at Lekker or in thier retail location in the South End. If only I could justify the expense.

"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars." ~ Og Mandino

(Photos: TOP RIGHT: Chandelier ceiling lamp $450. BELOW: Shady Tree ceiling lamp $450 from Lekker.)

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