Welcome February

Alright! It's February gang! One month closer to springtime. Today has been a hectic one for me, as I'm nearing deadline on a article and need to send it to my editor asap. Daily Candy also contacted me; they'll be featuring a client of mine that I pitched to them last month. They'll run an article next week, so we're gearing up for that. My client is thrilled, and I'm happy because pitching is a lot of work and you don't get a second chance if you screw up the first time. Happy that wasn't the case here for my client.

Tomorrow evening, I'll be covering a gallery show in the South End; so I'll share that experience with you on Friday and I'll try to share some photos if the gallery permits. For those of you who love art, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it.

See you tomorrow!

[I had to add: Daily Candy Boston was GREAT to deal with, I was very impressed, and if you've never heard of Daily Candy (where have you been, man?), then by all means, sign up here.