long stem vase from thailand, $39.99

Global warming!

If you like to go global from time to time, there's an inexpensive shop online called Importu that carries items from all over the world, many that would fit into a modern home. They carry everything from japanese noren linens to moroccan tea glasses (which are very in vogue now). I located a few fresh finds on thier website that are blogworthy - check them out! I like these items because they are very natural and textural. I think it's important to bring little bits of nature into your home, whether it's a bird feather you found in the park, or stones you collected along the coast that you rest on a table to remind you of the simple things that give such pleasure. Would any of these items fit your apartment or home?

chinese 9 square bamboo mat, $149
indonesian preserved leaf tissue box, $24.99
chinese hand painted goldfish, porcelain tea set for 4, $164.99

(all photos from importu.)