Introducing: coffee + cre8tive


I suddenly had this idea over my morning starbucks when my 'quote of the day', 'daily candy', and 'word of the day' emails arrived, almost simultaneously. What about a visual treat of the day, you know, one inspiring pattern, delivered to my inbox, each morning. Something to shake the brain from design ruts. We all have them, always picking stripes or solids or florals. Seeing something that you may not usually pick out on your own is often extraordinarily inspiring.

On that note, to inspire all of you, I plan to pull a pattern that inspires me each morning and post it right here to stimulate all of you - rev up those cre8tive juices.

You can comment on the pattern - tell everyone what you think of when you see it, the emotions it evokes, whether you love it or hate it, etc.

Look for posts with the title "coffee + cre8tive" going forward. ;)