Thanks to Drew and the design savvy team at Design Public, parents can now have some posh rockers in their home for reading to the little ones. Moms and dads everywhere needed options outside of the typical wooden rockers and gliders you see at all the big baby superstores. Finally, you don't have to trade in style for child-bearing.

I love the Nurseryworks line being offered exclusively at Design Public. Although not a good reason to procreate, it definately makes even the scared DINKS* want to light the candles and plan some babies of their own. I know, it's snobby, but you guys have to agree - most of what you see in the major department stores are not going to blend with a hip urban environment. Why sacrifice when you can own a cool crib to put into your even cooler crib - your home?

*DINKS=double income no kids

nurseryworks storytime rocker - rock on little bambino!
$750-830, free shipping, in cotton, felt and microsuede in many colors, and your choice of dark birch or light birch legs. (if only you could select your child so easily!)
nurseryworks 2-wide changing station $1,100, free shipping
available in several color, carving, and platform options
nurseryworks aerial cribs $165-920, free shipping
available in several carving, rail, color, and slat options

(photos from design public.)