I simply can't get enough of the HANNSspree line of electronics. Hard to believe that I said "can't get enough" and "electronics" in the same sentence. My husband would be so proud. These cuties look like a new breed of Macs or something; I did a double take when I first spotted one. HANNSpree has dozens of styles to fit the mood of you room, including TVs for kids, remote contols, and speaker systems. Finally, a TV that doesn't need to hide in a monster size cabinet, concealed by doors, unattractive and alone.

HANNSwood 10" LCD TV, on sale $299.99
front shown above. here's the back view. bootylicious!
I'm giddy over this wood and floral pattern. don't you just love the little ears?

HANNspreeflora 12"LCD TV, $499.99
pretty muted tone with a floral base. spring time fashion tv!

HANNSberlin 15" LCD TV, $549.99
when the TV is off, use the smooth black leather belt to conceal the screen.
Bond. James Bond.

HANNSvaas 15" LCD TV, $599.99
when only the best will do.

HANNSpearl 15" LCD TV, ON SALE $399.99.
i'd trade snow days for beach days!

back: shell shaped
more like shell shocked, how luminous!

remote control included with HANNSpearl TV.
i've died and gone to heaven. as a mermaid.

HANNSstarlight 15" LCD TV, $599.99 front.
beam me up scotty.

HANNS.A Green 10" LCD TV $399.99
another big apple. take a bite out of this!
HANNSsnail 10" LCD TV, $449.99
Escargot never looked so appealing.

HANNSz.crab 10" LCD TV, on sale $249.00
when crabby is a good thing.

(all photos from HANNSpree.)