Changing my Spots

Today is about deadlines being insane, conference calls back-to-back, emails that won't stop coming in, and amidst the chaos you're thinking about how you seriously need to get your butt to the gym. At least, that about sums up my Friday. What are you all up to today? Any weekend plans?

Guess what? It's time to change my spots. When I first started blogging only 3 weeks ago, I never dreamt I'd attract an audience. I thought maybe 20 people, not 3,000! I guess I aim low but this is one of those things that can be compared to snagging a good man (or woman). No, not aim low! Just don't think about it, don't expect anything, let it flow.

Once upon a time, I was in love with a man who decided to take on extra concubines while we were dating. Other girlfriends. I didn't like it, so I escaped to my grandparents farm for a weekend to forget the whole drama. As I cried, my grandmother consoled me saying, "When you least expect it deary, your prince will come. Now go wipe your eyes, it's time to play poker and order a pizza." She always knew how to reach my heart. She looked like Lucille Ball and had a mouth like Karen on Will + Grace. She was, and still is, my idol. She was also right; after that weekend, I ended my relationship with Mr. Multiple Partners Simultaneously and just stopped worrying about men. When I stopped worrying men showed up. Nice, cute, employed, emotionally stable ones. Then I married the man of my dreams and it's been the best 5 years of my life.

I guess I went about this blog the same way. Zero fears. Just roll with it. And guys came!

So, to loop back to my point, my spots will soon fade to reveal a fresh, clean new decor8 template. Gone will be the white text amidst all these crazy spots. I've decided to incorporate a style that's my very own. My web girl, Kay, is on a mission to create a better template, and my illustrator, Lisa, put a cute illustration together for me, so the new look will be clean, simple, and fresh!

Watch for my new spot-free look, it should be live before Monday...knock on particle board!

Have a great weekend everyone - and keep sending me site suggestions, story ideas, indie artists you love, and your own blogs and sites that you'd like featured. I'm all about promoting good peeps!

See you Monday! :)

(photo from the keene eyes gallery in san francisco, ca. one of my favorite painters on earth!)