links + contributions

decor8 has an entire column dedicated to our favorite links - meaning mine and yours! Have you noticed? I hope you enjoy the shopping links grouped according to city. The list is still under construction, but with your help, growth shall occur! I'm sure you must have some hip shops in your city that you'd like to brag about, so don't be shy!

talk talk
Also, if you'd like to contribute (i.e. post something), please let me know because decor8 is a community of people - not just me. If you're a witty writer that loves design and has something to say about it, speak up! You'll get major cyber hugs if you want to post about design finds in your city from art museums to those little shops that you love. I know decor8 readers would totally dig it. Plus, it's a fun way to experience posting on a blog before an audience to see if it's something you'd like to start on your own.

Got links? Have something to post about? Give me a shout at