Ambrosia Porcelain

Time to get clean, dirty girl! These soap dishes are the perfect place to rest your little bar. How can you not *love* these sweet things? Furthermore, how can you not love artists baking pie? Look how cute Miriam is!

Miriam and Linda are Ambrosia Porcelain, with their studios located just outside of Boston in North Andover, MA (a town with fond memories for me since I was married there.) I spotted their wares recently and when I held the soap dish, it was like taking candy from a baby, it was reallllly hard to remove it from my hand. Colorful, playful, and silky smooth, these beauties are so well made, so unique - you can't refuse! I love how they resemble marbles, don't you? In addition to soap dishes, they also carry bowls + things.

You can order directly from them online using your Paypal account. Check out their collection and let me know what you think!


(photos from ambrosia porcelain.)