Well Dressed Home - Fresh Finds UNDER $25

Like the rest of us, you're always a design kitty on the prowl for a good deal, the kind of deal when the hairs on your arms stand erect and you simply must call your b/f while standing in the store aisle telling her allll about your deal of the century. Thankfully, said b/f gets your obsession with home stuff, so she listens, yet all the while making a mental note to kill you later for interuppting her during yoga with her hot instructor.

Time to get on your cell again. You must brag about Well Dressed Home. They have an entire page devoted to finds under $25 that totally rock, along with other great items for your home and office! Here's some of my under $25 picks. See what you think.

psst...they also have a great selection of Jonathan Adler goodies.

I like the idea of just clipping pretty gift cards on it, nothing more.
magnolia plate set, $23 set of three
sachet trio, $24 set of three
smells like fresh picked lilies!
party bowls, $8 each
love the shape!