Travel Addicts...

Visiting the glam life in LA? Rushing off to the windy city? Trekking up to Boston? If you love to travel as much as I do, don't miss the decor8 shopping list column! Find the city, click the links, viola! You'll know exactly where to find the hippest design stores when you arrive.

If you have hot spots in your city that you think would be a great fit for decor8, please submit them at decor8blog[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Speaking of travel, check out my article about Hannover, Germany. This city strikes quite an emotional cord for me since it's home to my relatives, many friends, and the city where I not only met my husband, but where I first heard the words, "Will you marry me?". I hope you enjoy it, and please check out GKFA where I'm now a regular contributor. With a 3.5 million readership in North America, the U.K. and across Europe, I'm excited to tune more readers into all that is wonderful in Hannover!

psst....If you're a soccer fan, Hannover is hosting the FIFA World Cup in June!

(Photograph of Old Town in Hannover, Germany photographed by Holly Becker)