Boom Design

Boom, Boom, Boom, shake the room! Tick, tick, tick... Boom!

Here I go again, a bad case of party music on the brain. I hear one word, in this case 'boom', and my brain pulls songs from parties past. You see lately, dear friends, I'm absolutely dying to throw on a black dress, strappy heels, and hit a good parte', are you with me? Winter in New England isn't nearly as exciting as winter in, let's say, Barcelona or South Beach. No comparison whatsoever. When it's 20 degrees outside (brrrr), I'm dreaming of beachfront parties, mojitos, great tunes, and 85 degrees and rising (rrrrr).

Then again, if I were attending some swank soiree, I certainly wouldn't be sitting here writing this, cuppa tea nearby, listening to good old Frank Sinatra tunes. Lucky for you. Actually, lucky for both of us. No matter how much I live for fun fiestas and palm trees, I have my design addiction to keep me warm. Hours of online research combined with endless emails is, in fact, fun and addictive. In fact, tonight I dug my way through the tunnels of the web and found Boom Design and simply *had* to sing their praises, not only do I love their bookcases, tables, and magazine storage racks, but their prices! Mama mia! Affordable and great design. Now, that's within my reach, and I'm sure it's within yours too. While the cool weather is nipping at my nose, my bank account is soon to be warm with spending activity. Cha-ching!

Loving this bookcase...This unit is stacked! 3 stacking units, to be exact (where's your brain?)
$415 buys the metro multi.
cb cubes $300, set of 4. Also have a peek at these hive-like twist cubes for $289
lucite and chrome - now you can say you're the hostess with the mostess! Mostess style, that is!
Tray table $190
metro end table $250 top it with a lamp and a dash of a few design books and you have completed the masterpiece that is *your* living room.
Lean Magazine Rack 5 shelf $150 also available with 3 for $90. The perfect solution to pounds of glossies spread throughout my space. Consolidate in style everyone!

(top photo, hive wall shelf $140 - your friends will be buzzing over this one!)

all images from boom design.