Fresh Finds on Etsy!

I'll be regularly spotlighting my favorite etsy sellers since I'm such a huge fan of etsy and because I have friends that are selling there now. What do you think? If you know of any etsy stores that you love, shamelessly plug away by clicking 'comments' below! Here are some fresh finds from etsy that I just *had* to share.

Windshine offers pillows, art, jewelry and more!

Naughty magnets from luster bunny, serving up provacative porcelin that totally makes me blush! Not my thing, but some of you may fancy it! I do love their their pretty victorian themed wall tiles, though. So sweet!

Pretty bottle cap magnets from Born Lippy.

Wine bottle holders from Prince Street Woodcrafters.

Adorable art by Carla Sonheim, perfect for kids spaces and great colors!

Pollyfusia's fused glass adds a unique touch to your home! Pins and pendants, too.

Mid century etsy seller, 20thcenturydesignsny, has some groovy finds like these stackable cubes and this great slat coffee table from the Henry Miller era.

Lovely patterned tealight holders cast from translucent bone china from Karin Eriksson.
To read a recent decor8 feature on Karin, click here.
and finally, I must tell you about my favorite collage girl in the whole wide world, Michelle. She is an amazing collage artist that I just adore, over on the west coast in LA. She is so talented, and she did this beautiful commission piece for me, it was a gift I gave to my husband last month, it's his grandparents and his mother in the middle. Isn't it sweet? She added some funky orange and lime retro bursts on the side of the thick canvas, it's beautiful. decor8 featured Michelle in January, if you missed it click here. You can purchase her art via etsy or her website. There was nothing so special to me than seeing the light in the eyes of my sweetie when he unwrapped his very special present. She can do a commission piece for you, too.
Non-decor related but a most worthy mention: For couture vintage-inspired handbags, don't miss etsy seller oona coco.

Have fun on etsy, and remember, if you know of any great etsy sellers, send them our way!

(photo credits from top to bottom: windshine (pillow), luster bunny (tile), born lippy (magnents), prince street woodcrafters (wine bottle holder), carla sonheim (art), pollyfusia (fused glass tray), 20th century designs ny (stacked cubes + slat table), karin erikson (tealight) and finally, the bottom photo was taken by me in my home - artist, michelle caplan.)