Burberry - Rachel Weisz

I know this is a bit off topic, but have you seen the new it girl for Burberry? It's none other than the ever-adorable prego Rachel Weisz. I'm loving the new snapshot style Burberry ad campaign for their Burberry London perfume...and the new fragrance smells sooo yummy! The photos of Rachel in giddy London show her with hunky Welsh actor, Ioan Gruffudd, as they bop around the London Eye, Big Ben, Downing Street and the South Bank. Ahhh...the joys of London in the Spring! The photos are just fab, but make me miss London... Since we're all so visual, I thought you'd really enjoy seeing them. If you'd like a hard copy, grab the April issue of Glamour magazine. Mine are going right up on my inspiration board - delicious!

Do you like it? Thoughts?

(photos from burberry)