Reality TV-a-thon

You know, this is the one part of American pop culture that I always miss when I'm in Germany, our obsession with reality TV. I know, some of you think it's disgusting and a total waste of time, but really, how fun has Project Runway been? Tonight is it, the finale, who will win from the final three. I'm sooo excited.

I was reading Kate's blog and saw her post about the premiere of America's Next Top Model, also on tonight, where we get to watch the skinny girls battle it out. Heard they are going to shave their heads (maybe they're going for the Vendetta look ala Natalie Portman?)... Poor poor beautiful young models. I just hope Tyra doesn't talk about how hard it is to be a model again. Sheesh. I'm also tired of hearing about how big her forehead is. I think that's covered on every episode. No matter what, it's still fun to watch these girls hiss at eachother and cry to Miss Tyra over how they've wanted to be a model their entire life of what, 18 years?

Between PR, ANTM, Apprentice (love it), and I'll admit, The Biggest Loser...reality TV is pretty interesting lately. This is coming from a girl who formerly hated it. As cliche as it sounds, these reality shows are somewhat educational. For instance, I now understand that five pounds overweight is considered fat, that size 10 is plus size, I know what 'chicken cutlets' really are, I can spot a bad Project Manager a mile away, and I'm a better vocalist since my friend and I sat around the other evening, wine in hand, singing the Dan Franco song...

Next post will be design related, back on topic, promise! However, this is a blog, I have no boss nor editor, so why not get a little nuts now and then...

Signing off until tomorrow. Must go to the gym before sinking into the sofa for the rest of the night. Eases the guilt, you know?

(Photo credits: top - from project runway website. bottom - from american's next top model)