A Rustic Garden

While out and about on Saturday, I discovered the perfect ladder for my bathroom at Cross Road (no website, sorry) in Peterborough, New Hampshire, storefront photo above. The moment you walk into Cross Road, you're transported into a lush garden filled with flowers, art and accessories for the home and garden. Jars of yummy soap imported from France, moss filled planters with fresh daffodils, wrought iron birds displayed with precious linens from Provence. The store is set on a sparkling narrow river with waters rushing over smooth stones from Mt. Monadnack. As you shop, the gentle waters calm you and the soothing sounds of Sarah Brightman lull you into a total shopping coma. You'll also hear Sarah Andersen, the owner, chatting away with her loyal customers, addressing everyone by first name, inquiring about their new puppy or answering questions pertaining to bulbs and gardening.

While at Cross Road, I found a lovely 5 rung ladder that I immediately scooped up because I've been wanting one for my bathroom. I also love that the bottom of the ladder is wider than the top, a small detail that I was looking for in a ladder.

Have you ever visited an apple orchard with those gorgeous handmade wooden ladders leaning against the apple trees? Or, perhaps in country homes you've seen people using ladders as an accessory, often to display quilts. My ladder is not for apple picking or quilt display, but towels instead. I had the idea of using a ladder in my bathroom to lean against the wall as a display piece for towels vs. the typical way, a mounted towel rack. I want to bring a bit of nature to my home, and with my bathroom being robins egg blue, beige, and cream, it adds the perfect touch. If you'd like a rustic ladder, or anything else charming from the countryside for indoor or garden use, and you're not in New Hampshire anytime soon to visit Cross Road, then hop over to a rustic garden, an online store carrying everything from barn stars to wrought iron ornate shutters, vintage corbels (love!), and of course, antique wooden ladders.

(photo credits: top photo contributed by my husband thanks honey!, bottom photo from rustic garden website)