While visiting Magpie, a quirky fun little store in Somerville, I picked up a package of cards from 1201AM and thought I'd give them a shout out here on my blog since they're so cute. 1201AM carries unique stationery sets that feature the works of graphic designer, Laurie Forehand.

What does 1201am mean?

"1201am represents the time, 12:01am. Also known as "the first minute of the day"; a notion of freshness, or an awakening of innovation and ideas. With most creative minds being more nocturnal creatures, the name also reflects a familiar time of day, or night, when most ideas hit."

For the locals, you can find cutie pie cards from 1201AM at Magpie in Davis Square Somerville, and the rest of you can shop online at Trunkt. Each box of notecards contains 6 letterpress notes for $12 and Trunkt offers free shipping for orders over $25.

(quote directly from 1201AM website. photos credit of 1201AM and Trunkt)