Thorsten Van Elten Under $100

Fresh Finds at Thorsten Van Elten for under $100.

Time flies with these KoeKoeK feather clocks by Chris Koens. Available in dark or pale blue. Makes your heart flutter, don't they? psst: dark blue is the new 'in' color for home decor and fashion this season.

Don't feed the pigeons! Enjoy the warm glow of the pigeon light by ed carpenter instead. These have been around for awhile, but I still love them. Available in white, grey, pink and orange with either white or orange flex.

Leave a lasting impression with these stamp cups by valeria miglioli and barnaby barford. No more ring marks from coffee cups, flowers instead! Puts a whole new spin on coffee + cre8tive here at decor8!

Like the saying goes, "If you haven't got anything good to say, come and sit next to me." There's always something to talk about with the conversation cushion by barnaby barford and andre klauser. The conversation cushion comes loaded with 100 questions, fortune cookie style, each easily picked from the small rips in the front of the cushion. Not big on the look of this pillow, but I love the concept.

Have you seen these sweet little oma style crochet lampshades by electricwig before? I haven't, until now at least. (Christine L., if you're reading, this is for you!) This is a little crochet lampshade that fits over your existing standard lightfitting. A tea cozy for your bulb, I suppose.

(photo credits: from thorsten van elten website)