[SAN DIEGO] Get Grounded

Here's a lovely store in San Diego to enjoy both online and in person. Grounded wrote to me when they read my call for help the other day, including a great interior shot and a fab description. It is so good that I felt there was no need to alter what they sent to me, so... Take it away, Juli!

"Grounded specializes in modern, hip design for indoor/outdoor living. The store is located in an old industrial building and we've tried to keep some of the rustic flair of old metal and concrete floors, while offering clean-lined products. The shop is located in Encinitas, California, a little beach town just north of San Diego. Recently, we were voted best garden shop in San Diego by the readers of Ranch and Coast magazine. Here's a link to a recent article about the shop in one of the papers. And, finally, here's our website. We just launched it as of the first of the year, so new products are going up as quickly as possible but it gives you a basic overview of our product assortment. Thanks so much for your consideration. I love your blog. Keep up the good work." - Juli @ Grounded

I just took a peek at their online store, and wow! New favorite place! I love the art by Beth Weintraub, their sea urchin tealight, elum lips notecards and the fx planter + stand. I was out in Encinitas last summer when we drove from San Diego to Santa Monica, but I missed this gem. Too bad, this store screams west coast charm, doesn't it? I'm happy they've added e-commerce to their site for those of us that aren't based in Southern California.

Wow, talk about California dreamin'...

(photos courtesy of Grounded)