Between Essen and Dortmund sits the city of Bochum, Germany - home to felt artist Felicitas Weitkamper, the talent behind Filzware (filz is felt in German). She shapes felt into lovely rings, shawls, 40s inspired hats, scarfs, handbags, and my favorite, sweet wedding gloves called nuno-stulpen, along with many other felt items that you are sure to enjoy. All of her items are crafted by hand, using Australian marino wool, each item one-of-a-kind. She can duplicate items, but she mentions on her site that duplicate items will still have some variations in color. Since we're a blog about home design, let's explore her felt lighting a bit here. What do you think? I really like the concept behind them, the fresh pastels, how pretty they are when illuminated, and especially appreciate all the work involved in the felt making process. I think we'll be seeing more and more felt lighting emerge over the next year, especially since it's become quite popular here in the US and we seem to be demanding more of it all the time.

The Filzware website is in German, but with the aid of photos, I'm sure you'll be able to navigate just fine. At the home page, click on schaufenster to view Felicitas beautiful designs. If you are interested in purchasing something, perhaps you can email her for assistance? She doesn't have e-commerce, and her wares appear to only be sold in Germany, however she may be interested in your business if you like something that you see.

(all photos from filzware)